Episode #221 Flipping Yer Wig! A Conversation With Peter Case

State Controlled Radio Episode #221
August 15-16, 2010
Flipping Yer Wig!  A Conversation With Peter Case

1) Banks Of The River/Peter Case (from Wig!) (06.29.10)
2) Dig What You’re Putting Down/Peter Case (from Wig!) (06.29.10)
3) House Rent Jump/Peter Case (from Wig!) (06.29.10)
4) ‘New’ Old Blue Car/Peter Case (from Wig!) (06.29.10)
5) Bangin’ The Piano/Peter Case (demo recording) (2006)
6) One More Mile/Peter Case (from Thank You St. Jude) (2001)
7) House On The Hill/The Breakaways (from Walking Out On Love [The Lost Sessions]) (1978)
8) Little Suzy/The Breakaways (from Walking Out On Love [The Lost Sessions]) (1978)
9) Walking Out On Love/The Breakaways (from Walking Out On Love [The Lost Sessions]) (1978)
10) Hanging On The Telephone/The Nerves (from The Nerves EP) (1976)
11) When You Find Out/The Nerves (from The Nerves EP) (1976)
12) How Long Will It Take?/The Plimsouls (from Zero Hour EP) (02.08.80)
13) Zero Hour/The Plimsouls (from Zero Hour EP) (02.08.80)
14) A Million Miles Away/The Plimsouls (from Everywhere At Once LP) (1983)
15) Underneath The Stars/Peter Case (from Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John) (08.07.07)
16) Somebody Told The Truth/Peter Case (from Wig!) (06.29.10)
17) One Way Ticket/The Nerves (from One Way Ticket) (1977)
18) Words In Red/Peter Case (from Wig!) (06.29.10)
19) Indianapolis/Gasoline Silver (from Gasoline Silver) (09.10)
20) Colors Of Night/Peter Case (from Wig!) (06.29.10)
21) House Rent Party/Peter Case (from Wig!) (06.29.10)

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