Episode #194 – Twenty Ten And Back Again [Fortune Is The End Of The Beginning]

State Controlled Radio Episode #194
January 3-4, 2010
Twenty Ten And Back Again [Fortune Is The End Of The Beginning]

1) Bonnie & Clyde/Jon Auer (from 6 ½) (2001)
2) The Pearls/Jelly Roll Morton (single A-side) (04.20.26)
3) Bisontentacles/Jeff Severson (from Hot Springs Tonight, Deadwood Tomorrow) (2005)
4) True Love/Spiral Stairs (from The Real Feel) (2009)
5) Good Fortune/PJ Harvey (from Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea) (10.23.00)
6) Pay Day/Bill Morrissey (from Avalon Blues: A Tribute To Mississippi John Hurt) (2001)
7) Happenings Ten Years Time Ago/The Yardbirds (single A-side) (10.66)
8) Count To Ten/Pat MacDonald (from Purgatory Hill) (06.09)
9) The Past Sure Is Tense/Captain Beefheart (from Ice Cream For Crow) (09.82)
10) Ambition/JiP (from Glee) (1994)
11) Ambition/Subway Sect (single A-side) (12.78)
12) On the redemption of the human spirit/Terence McKenna (1990)
13) Behind The Door/Mike Keneally (from Wine And Pickles) (2008)
14) Dame Fortune [demo]/Andy Partridge (from ’96 Demos) (1996)
15) Under My Skin/Aerosmith (from Jaded CD single) (12.21.00)
16) Splane/Mike Keneally Band (from Dog) (2004)
17) Tough Love/Ben Mason (from Loveland) (2009)
18) Space Is The Place [edit]/Sun Ra (from Space Is The Place) (1973)
19) Plop Plop Fizz Fizz (Speedy Alka-Seltzer) Commercial (circa ‘60s)
20) Don’t Wake My Dreamin’ Girl/4 Out Of 5 Doctors (Room Ten demo, Washington, D.C.) (1983)
21) Weeping Willow Rag/Scott Joplin (from Original Rags) (1903)
22) Gambler’s Dream/Hociel Thomas accompanied by Louis Armstrong Jazz Four (Okeh single A-side) (11.11.25)
23) Rambling, Gambling Willie/Bob Dylan (from The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan LP first edition) (04.24.62)
24) Radio Moscow announces of the launching of Sputnik (10.05.57)
25) Rovin’ Gambler/Peter Case (from Peter Case Sings Like Hell) (1993)
26) Ten Believers/Latin Playboys (from Latin Playboys) (1994)
27) Good Fortune/Todd Snider (from The Excitement Plan) (2009)
28) Turn Off The Century/Cindy Lee Berryhill (from Naked Movie Star) (04.25.89)
29) Montage: Hobbital, Dusted, Quicksands, ‘Rake On Thru, And She Knows/Nick Walusko (from Melange Of Weirdness/Memories Of Tomorrow) (2002/2009)
30) Bionic Surf/Nick Walusko (from Memories Of Tomorrow) (2009)
31) Fortune Teller/Sugar (from Copper Blue) (09.04.92)
32) Ten Years/Joe Perry (from Joe Perry) (05.03.05)
33) Do You Believe In Magic/The Lovin’ Spoonful (from Do You Believe In Magic) (11.65)
34) Sweet Black Magic/Ryan Adams (from Gold) (09.25.01)
35) Mama Roux/Dr. John (from Gris-Gris) (01.22.68)
36) Space Intro-The Window/Steve Miller Band (from Fly Like An Eagle) (05.76)

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