Episode #180 – Words & Music by Hank Williams Sr. [09.17.23-01.01.53]

State Controlled Radio Episode #180
September 13-14, 2009
Words & Music by Hank Williams Sr. [09.17.23-01.01.53]

1) Hey, Good Lookin’/Hank Williams (single A-side) (03.16.51)
2) Move It On Over/Hank Williams (single A-side) (04.21.47)
3) Lovesick Blues/Hank Williams (single A-side) (12.22.48)
4) I’m A Long Gone Daddy/Hank Williams (single A-side) (11.06.47)
5) Lost Highway/Hank Williams (b-side of You’re Gonna Change (Or I’m Gonna Leave single) (03.01.49)
6) Baby, We’re Really In Love/Hank Williams (from The AFRS Show) (04.05.52)
7) Weary Blues From Waitin’/Hank Williams (from The Nashville Demos) (1951)
8) I Can’t Get You Off My Mind/Hank Williams (b-side of A Mansion On The Hill single) (11.06.47)
9) My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It/Hank Williams (single A-side) (08.30.49)
10) Honky Tonkin’/Hank Williams (single A-side) (11.06.47)
11) Kaw-Liga/Hank Williams (single A-side) (09.23.52)
12) Ramblin’ Man/Luke The Drifter (single A-side) (06.01.51)
13) I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still In Love With You)/Hank Williams (single A-side) (03.16.51)
14) Half As Much/Hank Williams (single A-side) (08.10.51)
15) How To Write Folk & Western Material/Hank Williams with Grant Turner (radio advertisement) (09.51)
16) Your Cheatin’ Heart/Hank Williams (b-side of Kaw-Liga single) (09.23.52)
17) (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle/Hank Williams (single A-side) (07.25.51)
18) Take These Chains From My Heart/Hank Williams (single A-side) (09.23.52)
19) If You’ll Be A Baby To Me/Hank Williams (from The Nashville Demos) (1952)
20) I’d Still Want You/Hank Williams (b-side of Baby, We’re Really In Love single) (07.25.51)
21) I Just Don’t Like This Kind Of Livin’/Hank Williams (single A-side) (08.30.49)
22) Moanin’ The Blues/Hank Williams (from The AFRS Show) (11.11.50)
23) Cold, Cold Heart/Hank Williams (b-side of Dear John single) (12.21.50)
24) Settin’ The Woods On Fire/Hank Williams (single A-side) (06.13.52)
25) Talk With Minnie Pearl #1/Hank Williams (from The AFRS Show) (1950)
26) You Win Again/Hank Williams (single A-side) (07.11.52)
27) Why Don’t You Love Me/Hank Williams (single A-side) (01.09.50)
28) Nobody’s Lonesome For Me/Hank Williams (b-side of Moanin’ The Blues single) (08.31.50)
29) Honky Tonk Blues/Hank Williams (single A-side) (03.01.49)
30) A Mansion On The Hill/Hank Williams (single A-side) (11.07.47)
31) Talk With Minnie Pearl #2/Hank Williams (from The AFRS Show) (1950)
32) I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry/Hank Williams (single A-side) (08.30.49)
33) You’re Gonna Change (Or I’m Gonna Leave)/Hank Williams (single A-side) (03.01.49)
34) Jambalaya (On The Bayou)/Hank Williams (single A-side) (06.13.52)
35) Mind Your Own Business/Hank Williams (single A-side) (03.01.49)
36) Long Gone Lonesome Blues/Hank Williams (single A-side) (01.09.50)
37) They’ll Never Take Her Love From Me/Hank Williams (b-side of Why Should We Try Anymore single) (06.14.50)
38) Dear John/Hank Williams (single A-side) (12.21.50)
39) I’ll Be A Bachelor ‘Til I Die/Hank Williams (b-side of Honky Tonkin’ single) (11.07.47)
40) Calling You/Hank Williams (single A-side) (12.11.46)
41) The Apology #2/Hank Williams (12.51)
42) The Log Train/Hank Williams (from The Nashville Demos) (12.03.52)
43) I Won’t Be Home No More/Hank Williams (single A-side) (07.11.52)
44) I Saw The Light/Hank Williams (single A-side) (04.21.47)
45) I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive/Hank Williams (single A-side) (06.13.52)

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