Episode #160 – Record Store Day

State Controlled Radio Episode #160
April 19-20, 2009
Record Store Day [is 04.18.09]

1) Echo Wars/Peter Case (from Geffen Records LP Peter Case) (1986)
2) Rain/The Beatles (b-side of Paperback Writer 45 rpm Parlophone Records single) (05.30.66)
3) Shapes Of Things/The Yardbirds (A-side 45 rpm Epic Records single) (02.25.66)
4) Uptown/The Crystals (A-side 45 rpm Philles Records single) (03.62)
5) Kimberly/Patti Smith (from Arista Records LP Horses) (11.75)
6) Polk Salad Annie/Tony Joe White (A-side 45 rpm Monument Records single) (10.68)
7) A Ridiculous Man/T-Bone Burnett (from Side Effects Records EP Trap Door) (1982)
8) Driving By Lida/Dizzy (from Spun Records EP Dizzy) (1995)
9) Invitation/Shel Silverstein (from Columbia Records LP Where The Sidewalk Ends) (1984)
10) They’re Here/Boots Walker (A-side 45 rpm Rust Records single) (1967)
11) I Knew I’d Want You/The Byrds (b-side of Mr. Tambourine Man 45 rpm Columbia Records single) (04.12.65)
12) You’re My Favorite Waste Of Time/Marshall Crenshaw (b-side of Someday, Someway 45 rpm Warner Brothers single) (05.26.82)
13) I Can’t Stand The Rain/Ann Peebles (A-side 45 rpm Hi Records single) (08.73)
14) Be My Girl/The Donkeys (from Antenna Farms Records split single) (2007)
15) White Girl/X (A-side 45 rpm Slash Records single) (12.80)
16) Intricate Thing/Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3 (from Yep Roc Records LP Goodnight Oslo) (02.19.09)
17) River Song/Dennis Wilson (from Caribou Records LP Pacific Ocean Blue) (08.22.77)
18) Who’s Sorry Now/Connie Francis (A-side 45 rpm M-G-M Records single) (02.58)
19) Fugitive/Jan Davis (A-side 45 rpm A&M Records single) (1964)
20) Big Brown Eyes/The dB’s (from Albion Records LP Stands For Decibels) (01.81)
21) Miss Jones/The Negro Problem (b-side of Birdcage 45 rpm Aerial Flipout Records single) (1996)
22) About Jill/Cockeyed Ghost (A-side 45 rpm Aerial Flipout Records single) (1995)
23) Chasin’ Honey [excerpt]/Jan Rhodes (b-side of MOM (Can I Talk To You?) 45 rpm Blue Records single) (1968)
24) I’m In Line/The Bangles (from Faulty Products EP The Bangles) (06.82)
25) Better Late Than Never/The Assumptions (from LS.d Records LP The Assumptions) (2009)
26) McGripp Off/Pocket (from Pocket Records LP Pocket) (2008)
27) Somethin’ To Learn/The Marionettes (A-side 45 rpm World Records single) (1984)
28) Jingo/Santana (from Columbia Records LP Santana) (08.69)
29) Stark/Dizzy (from Spun Records EP Dizzy) (1995)
30) I Go-Fer You/The Sims Twins (b-side of A Losing Battle 45 rpm Omen Records single) (1964)
31) Trap Door/T-Bone Burnett (from Side Effects Records EP Trap Door) (1982)
32) Starry Skies/”Action” Andy (from Relampago-go Records LP “Action” Andy Sings…Haunted Honky Tonk) (2006)
33) Choc Ice Goes Mental/Elton John (b-side of Kiss The Bride 45 rpm Geffen Records single) (05.83)
34) (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding/Elvis Costello And The Attractions (b-side of Nick Lowe’s American Squirm 45 rpm Radar single) (10.78)
35) I’m In Love With A Girl/Big Star (from Ardent Records LP Radio City) (01.74)
36) I Can’t Turn You Loose/The Plimsouls (from Beat Records EP Zero Hour) (02.08.80)

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