Episode #37 – It’s Neil’s Birthday • Words & Music by Neil Young

State Controlled Radio Episode #37
November 14, 2006
It’s Neil’s Birthday  Words & Music by Neil Young

1) My Heart/Neil Young And Crazy Horse (from Sleeps With Angels) (08.06.94)
2) After The Garden/Neil Young (from Living With War) (05.02.06)
3) Flying On The Ground Is Wrong [demo]/Buffalo Springfield (from Buffalo Springfield Box Set) (07.66)
4) The Loner/Neil Young (from Neil Young) (11.12.68)
5) Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere/Neil Young And Crazy Horse (from Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere) (05.14.69)
6) Mr. Soul/Buffalo Springfield (from Buffalo Springfield Again) (11.18.67)
7) I Am A Child/Buffalo Springfield (from Last Time Around) (07.18.68)
8) After The Gold Rush/Neil Young (from After The Gold Rush) (09.19.70)
9) Ride My Llama/Neil Young & Crazy Horse (from Rust Never Sleeps) (06.22.79)
10) Revolution Blues/Neil Young (from On The Beach) (07.19.74)
11) Cortez The Killer/Neil Young And Crazy Horse (from Zuma) (11.10.75)
12) Sedan Delivery/Neil Young & Crazy Horse (from Rust Never Sleeps) (06.22.79)
13) This Note’s For You/Neil Young And The Bluenotes (from This Note’s For You) (04.12.88)
14) Prairie Wind/Neil Young (from Prairie Wind) (09.27.05)
15) Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown/Neil Young And Crazy Horse (from Tonight’s The Night) (06.20.75)
16) Tonight’s The Night/Neil Young (from Tonight’s The Night) (06.20.75)
17) Don’t Be Denied/Neil Young (from Time Fades Away) (10.15.73)
18) The Needle And The Damage Done/Neil Young (from Harvest) (02.01.72)
19) Rockin’ In  The Free World/Neil Young (from Freedom) (10.02.89)
20) Lotta Love/Neil Young With Crazy Horse (from Comes A Time) (10.21.78)
21) Powderfinger/Neil Young & Crazy Horse (from Rust Never Sleeps) (06.22.79)
22) Albuquerque/Neil Young (from Tonight’s The Night) (06.20.75)
23) Harvest Moon/Neil Young (from Harvest Moon) (11.02.92)
24) It’s A Dream/Neil Young (from Prairie Wind) (09.27.05)
25) Expecting To Fly/Buffalo Springfield (from Buffalo Springfield Again) (11.18.67)
26) Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)/Neil Young & Crazy Horse (from Ragged Glory) (09.09.90)