Episode #28 – A Stop At Appleton

State Controlled Radio Episode #28
August 29, 2006
A Stop At Appleton

1) Sweet Redemption/The Chris Aaron Band (from Freedom 5 Miles)
2) O My Soul/Big Star (from Radio City) (01.74)
3) Disturbance At The Heron House/R.E.M. (from Document) (09.01.87)
4) Global Village Idiot/Wondermints (from Wondermints)
5) Squirm Squirm/Pete Townshend (from Scoop 3)
6) The Town That Called Itself A City/Will Sexton (from Asylum On A Sunny Day)
7) Beautiful Feeling/PJ Harvey (from Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea)
8) Danger/The Dark Horse Project (from The Dark Horse Project)
9) No One’s Daddy/pat mAcdonald (from Degrees Of Gone)
10) Valmy/pat mAcdonald (from Degrees Of Gone)
11) House Party/The Funkmasters (from Come And Get Some Of This)
12) Barflies/Corey Carlson (from Jukebox Prophecies)
13) The Cheese Alarm/Robyn Hitchcock (from Jewels For Sophia)
14) The Wreck Of The Arthur Lee/Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians (from Respect)
15) Cry Tough/Nils Lofgren (from Cry Tough)
16) Nanny Ass Crow/Mike Keneally (from Wooden Smoke)
17) New England/Mike Keneally (from Wooden Smoke)
18) 2001/Mike Keneally (from Wooden Smoke)
19) And That’s Why It’s Called Spunk/Mike Keneally (from hat.)
20) Dead Hand Gotcha/Peter Case (from Verb Vol. 1 No. 2)
21) The Ballad Of The Minimum Wage/Peter Case (from Verb Vol. 1 No. 2)
22) Rise Up/Guy Forsyth (from Love Songs:  For & Against)
23) Los Gringos Stonedo/Chris Aaron (from SCR Session 08.24.06)
24) Whistle Stop At Sparky’s/Jon Kanis & Chris Aaron (from SCR Session 08.23.06)
25) Jimmy Burke The Newsboy/Jon Kanis & Chris Aaron (from SCR Session 08.23.06)
26) Rip It On — Bye!/Jon Kanis & Chris Aaron (from SCR Session 08.23.06)
27) Trouble In Mind/Chris Aaron (from SCR Session 08.24.06)
28) Look Away, Johnny Stash/Jon Kanis (from SCR Session 08.25.06)
29) Campfire/Jon Kanis (from SCR Session 08.24.06) (from SCR Session 08.25.06)
30) Whistle Stop At Sparky’s (Reprise)/Jon Kanis (from SCR Session 08.23.06)
31) Battle Hymn Of The Republic/Chris Aaron (from SCR Session 08.25.06)