Episode #24 – Lion Hearted In The Twilight Zone

State Controlled Radio Episode #24
August 1, 2006
Lion Hearted In The Twilight Zone

1) Twilight Zone Theme with Rod Serling (Season Two Opening)
2) Medley: Jumpin’ Jack Flash-Youngblood/Leon Russell (from The Concert For Bangladesh) (08.01.71)
3) Awaiting On You All/George Harrison (from All Things Must Pass) (11.27.70)
4) American Beauty Radio Spot/The Grateful Dead
5) St. Stephen/The Grateful Dead (from Live Dead)
6) Juniper Rose/Etienne de Rocher (from Etienne de Rocher)
7) People Who Died/The Jim Carroll Band (from Catholic Boy)
8) Francis Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle/Nirvana (from In Utero)
9) Fight The Power/Public Enemy (from Do The Right Thing Original Soundtrack)
10) World Kontrol Theme/Nick Walusko (from Melange Of Weirdness) (2002)
11) White Summer/Black Mountain Side/Led Zeppelin (from Led Zeppelin Box Set)
12) Gaucho/Steely Dan (from Gaucho)
13) Naked Lunch (excerpt)/William Burroughs
14) Those Were The Days/Carol O’Connor & Jean Stapleton (Theme from All In The Family)
15) This Band Sucks/Pat MacDonald (from Troubadour Of Stomp)
16) Marilyn Monroe on Fame
17) Sittin’ By The Pool/Rick Derringer (from Sweet Evil)
18) Bodhisattva Vow/The Beastie Boys (from Ill Communication)
19) Potato Head Blues/Louis Armstrong Hot Seven (single)
20) Andy Warhol/David Bowie (from Hunky Dory)
21) Work/Lou Reed & John Cale (from Songs For Drella) (04.11.90)
22) Candela/Buena Vista Social Club (from Buena Vista Social Club)
23) Where Is One/Allan Holdsworth (from I.O.U.)
24) Some Velvet Morning/Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood (from Movin’ With Nancy)
25) Chest Fever/The Band (from Music From Big Pink) (07.01.68)
26) That’s The Way God Planned It/Billy Preston (from The Concert For Bangladesh) (08.01.71)
27) While My Guitar Gently Weeps/George Harrison (from The Concert For Bangladesh) (08.01.71)
28) Beware Of Darkness/George Harrison (from The Concert For Bangladesh) (08.01.71)
29) Twilight Zone Main Title/Bernard Herrmann (1959)

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