Episode #21 – Heart

State Controlled Radio Episode #21
July 11, 2006

1) Itchycoo Park/Ian McLagan & The Bump Band (from Spiritual Boy)
2) Providence/Etienne de Rocher (from Etienne de Rocher)
3) Cindy Incidentally/The Faces (from Ooh La La)
4) Back Of A Car/Big Star (from Radio City) (01.74)
5) Soul Sauce/Timebox (single)
6) Aerodeliria/The Loud Family (from Plants And Birds And Rocks And Things)
7) Where Are The Prawns?/The Soft Boys (from The Soft Boys 1976-81)
8) Spoken Word Intro/Robyn Hitchcock (recorded July 8, 1988 at McCabes Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, CA from Madonna Of The Wasps single)
9) A Globe Of Frogs/Robyn Hitchcock And The Egyptians (from Globe Of Frogs)
10) Pretty Song/Get Back Loretta (from Get Back Loretta)
11) Terraplane Blues/Robert Johnson (single)
12) Putnam County Blues/Stephen Doster & Will Sexton (from Impossible Sun) (2006)
13) Out There On The Maroon/The Minus 5 (from The Minus 5) (2006)
14) Lotus/R.E.M. (from Up)
15) Compassion/David Baerwald (from Here Comes The New Folk Underground)
16) Zachary The Angel/Kilroy (from EP)
17) I Want What You Got/The Plimsouls (from The Plimsouls LP)
18) If You Want Blood/Mark Kozelek (from What’s Next To The Moon)
19) Everyone Will Crawl/Charlie Sexton (from Under The Wishing Tree)
20) Little Black Dress/Chris Aaron & Doc Randall (from Full Circle)
21) Four Letter Word/Jon Auer (from Songs From The Year Of Our Demise)
22) Salvation/The Dark Horse Project (from The Dark Horse Project)
23) Lament/Rachel Fuller (from Cigarettes And Housework)
24) Eminence Front/Pete Townshend (from Live > La Jolla Playhouse 2001 22/06/01)
25) In The Mirror/Rachel Fuller (from Cigarettes And Housework)
26) North Bronx French Marie/Stew (from Sweetboot)
27) Ain’t It Funny/Corey Carlson (from Jukebox Prophecies)
28) Medicine/Sons Of Crack Daniels (from Medicine)
29) Only The Stones Remain/The Soft Boys (from Two Halves For The Price Of One)
30) Heart/The Remains (from The Remains)
31) This Is How It Feels/Robyn Hitchcock (from Moss Elixir)

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