Episode #18 – Greetings From Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin • Part One

State Controlled Radio Episode #18
June 20, 2006
Greetings From Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin • Part One

1) Hit Above The Belt/Bye-Bye Johnny (from Songs For Big Kidz*)
2) Take It Easy/Jackson Browne (from For Everyman)
3) 3321 Las Mentiras Blvd./Andy’s Automatics (from Thing’s Have Changed)
4) Everything Good/Liar (from Devil Dog Road)
5) El Cuarto Rojo/Devil Moon/Eric McFadden (from Devil Moon)
6) Haunted Face/The Dark Horse Project (from The Dark Horse Project)
7) Come Get Summa This/The Funkmasters (from Come Get Summa This)
8) Rock Me Baby/Paulie Rocco (from Blind Lemon’s Blues) (1999)
9) Shitfaced Drunk/Mo Rose (from Folk ‘n Country Blues)
10) Ramblin’ Man/Corey Carlson (from Jukebox Prophecies)
11) Papa’s Hard To Please/Sons Of Crack Daniels (from Medicine)
12) The Bridge Hater’s Song/Pat MacDonald (from Troubadour Of Stomp)
13) 2Maro/Kim Manning (from The Love & Light Activation)
14) The Gipper/Bye-Bye Johnny (from Songs For Big Kidz*)
15) Jailbait/Sixteen/Stoked (from Stoked)
16) Restless Machinery/Dorothy Scott (from Restless Machinery)
17) Photograph/Todd Carey (from Revolving World)
18) Fixing A Bridge/Dana Erlandson (from Fixing A Bridge)
19) All In My Head/Cathy Braaten (from All In My Head)
20) Legends/Chris Aaron & Doc Randall (from Full Circle)
21) Ganga Street/Kim Manning (from The Love & Light Activation)
22) House Party/The Funkmasters (from Come And Get Summa This)
23) Uptight (Everything’s Alright)/IFIHADAHIFI (from No More Music)
24) Rain Down/Sleeper Car (from Shy Me)
25) Run To You/The Dark Horse Project (from The Dark Horse Project)
26) Give/Jon Kanis (from Cabalistic Dispatch) (07.17.05)
27) Been Gone/Ilan Laks (demo)
28) The Pretender/Jackson Browne (from The Pretender)