Episode #15 – Words & Music by Gregory Page

State Controlled Radio Episode #15
May 30, 2006
Words & Music by Gregory Page

1) Daiti’s Aire (from Music For Mortals)
2) This Is My Life (from Flying Underwater & Unhappy Hour)
3) Diamonds And Gold (from The John Doe Sessions)
4) Pictures In The Dark (from The John Doe Sessions)
5) Krikor The Great (from And I Look Up)
6) Rosealee (from Flying Underwater & Unhappy Hour)
7) Good Night Saturday Night (from The Romantic Adventures Of Harry)
8) The Last Train (from Staring At The Sun 3)
9) Thought You Were Brilliant (from The Romantic Adventures Of Harry)
10) Brand New Heartache (from The Hatchet Brothers Love Hurts)
11) In Love With Love (from Love Made Me Drunk)
12) Buried Treasure (from happiness is being lonely)
13) Cocktails And Cold Hearts (from The John Doe Sessions)
14) Fare Thee Well (from The John Doe Sessions)
15) What’s Done Is Done (from Flying Underwater & Unhappy Hour)
16) Love Made Me Drunk (from Love Made Me Drunk)
17) Bon Voyage Mon Cheri (from Love Made Me Drunk)
18) La Valse De Virginie (from Love Made Me Drunk)
19) My Insignificant Other (from happiness is being lonely)
20) Last Night’s Lover (from The Romantic Adventures Of Harry)
21) Buffalo Hunters (from Music For Mortals)
22) Dream A Little Dream Of Me (from Music For Mortals)
23) Up All Night (from happiness is being lonely)
24) This Is My Life (from And I Look Up)
25) Waltz For A Drunk Angel (from Love Made Me Drunk)