Episode #14 – To Austin…And Back

State Controlled Radio Episode #14
May 23, 2006
To Austin…And Back

1) Land Of Stomp/Pat MacDonald (from Troubadour Of Stomp)
2) New Black Suit/Eric McFadden & Wally Ingram (from Alektorophobia)
3) Empire One/Stockholm Syndrome (from holy happy hour)
4) Heart On My Sleeve/Colin Brooks (from Blood And Water)
5) Superstar (Nothing Left)/Bruce James (from the wayside drive sessions)
6) Friends And Liars/Adrian And The Sickness (from Adrian For President)
7) Girl In Dirty Jeans/Sons Of Crack Daniels (from Medicine)
8) Think About The Good Things/Stephen Doster & Will Sexton (from Impossible Sun)
9) Baby I’m Still Fallin’/The Weary Boys (from Good Times)
10) Willie Nelson Smokes Dope/Jay Thomas (from Cloquet)
11) El Pollo De Amour/Eric McFadden & Wally Ingram (from Alektorophobia)
12) Counter-Clock World/Stockholm Syndrome (from holy happy hour)
13) Seeing Things/Pat MacDonald (from Troubadour Of Stomp)
14) Tornado Alley/Stephen Doster & Will Sexton (from Impossible Sun)
15) Cornbread/Colin Brooks (from Blood And Water)
16) At The Laundromat/Avenue Elle (from hors d’oeuvres)
17) Crooked Smile/Jay Thomas (from Cloquet)
18) Larry Monroe Introduction of Townes Van Zandt (from Documentary)
19) Pancho & Lefty Story/Townes Van Zandt (from Documentary)
20) Pancho & Lefty/Townes Van Zandt (from Documentary)
21) Blaze Story/Townes Van Zandt (from Documentary)
22) Blaze’s Blues/Townes Van Zandt (from Documentary)
23) Weary Blues From Waiting/Sons Of Crack Daniels (from Medicine)
24) Sirena/Sons Of Crack Daniels (from Medicine)
25) Putnam County Blues/Stephen Doster & Will Sexton (from Impossible Sun)
26) Virgin Threads/Bruce James (from the wayside drive sessions)
27) Marie Story/Townes Van Zandt (from Documentary)
28) Marie/Townes Van Zandt (from Documentary)
29) Rollin’ n’ Tumblin’/Sons Of Crack Daniels (from Medicine)

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