Episode #11 – Schizoid

State Controlled Radio Episode #11
April 25, 2006

1) Kenneth — What’s The Frequency?/Game Theory (from Lolita Nation)
2) Rocks Off/The Loud Family & Anton Barbeau (from What If It Works?)
3) My Dilemma/Mike Keneally (from Boil That Dusk Speck!)
4) Don’t Stand There/Jon Kanis (from Cabalistic Dispatch) (07.17.05)
5) Ever Since I Was Alone/The Posies (single)
6) Tomorrow Gone/Stew (from Something Deeper Than These Changes)
7) Live And Let Live/Love (from Forever Changes)
8) Charlie Big Potatoes/Neil Innes (from Works In Progress)
9) Poly Esther/The Truckee Brothers (from It Came From The Speakers)
10) Je Vous En Prie/Ken Stringfellow (from Soft Commands)
11) A Night In Tunsia/Charlie Parker (single)
12) The Story Of/The Ballad Of The Devil’s Backbone Tavern/Todd Snider (from Hotel Rooms & Near Truths) (2003)
13) Spot The Setup/The Loud Family (from Plants And Birds And Rocks And Things)
14) Music And The Mind/Nick Walusko (unreleased)
15) Winchester/Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians (from Element Of Light)
16) Sunshine Is Dangerous (acoustic version)/Timbuk 3 (from Looks Like Dark To Me)
17) I Love You X3/Timbuk 3 (b-side of All I Want For Christmas single)
18) Charlemagne/Steve Kobashigawa (unreleased)
19) Aw Shit Man/The Minus 5 (from The Minus 5)
20) 40 Second Song/R.E.M. (single)
21) Oldest Story In The World/The Plimsouls (from Everywhere At Once)
22) Laughing Stock/Love (single)
23) Lester Bangs/Jon Kanis (unreleased)
24) Cycles Per Second/Lisa Mychols (from Sweet Sinsations)
25) Girl With Smarts/4 Out Of 5 Doctors (unreleased)
26) Watch Your Intelligence/Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians (single)
27) Curses, Invocations/James Douglas Morrison (from An American Prayer)
28) What If We Give It Away?/R.E.M. (from Lifes Rich Pageant)
29) L.A. Arteest Café/Stew (from Something Deeper Than These Changes)
30) The Red Telephone/Love (from Forever Changes)
31) Poly Esther Reprise/The Truckee Brothers (from It Came From The Speakers)