Listening To Rocks, Stone Soldiers, The Cactus 5 at The Ruby Room, San Diego, CA [08.26.12]

On Sunday, August 26th it was my forty-eighth birthday and to celebrate the occasion I had the privilege of playing a wailing 14-song set with Roger Morrison and Brad Smith, the other two-thirds of Listening To Rocks. A historic night and only the second time that we’ve taken the stage together during the calendar year of 2012. After this gig we decided that we are going back into Chaos Recording with Christopher Hoffee and recording another six originals…three of Roger’s compositions and three of mine. I can’t wait. In the meantime we managed to help raise some money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society which was organized by Lynda Webb West of the band Useless Rhetoric.  Ryan behind the bar @ The Ruby Room was awesome with our entire party and it was marvelous seeing some of my favorite people in the world [including Teresa, LJ, Dirk & Katy, Christine & Monique, Rob & Trish, Jefferson, Rebecca & Ben, Brooke]. Long live LTR!

1) Hello There
2) Doorbell
3) Think It Over
4) So Glad
5) Below The Fold
6) I Didn’t Ask For This
7) Come Correct
8) [The Human] Race [Is A] Riot
9) Kiss Me Again
10) Where Is Joe Strummer When You Need Him?
11) Capitalist Plot
12) Surrender
13) Wail
14) Goodnight Now