Jon Kanis, The Ruby Room, San Diego, CA [10.17.11]

Jon Kanis • The Ruby Room • San Diego, CA 10.17.11

1) Tangled Up In Blue
2) Jimmy Burke The Newsboy
3) I’m Eighteen
4) Where Is Joe Strummer When You Need Him?
5) White Rabbit
6) Below The Fold
7) The Waiting
8) The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades

9) Quick!
10) Stuck In The Middle With You
11) The Breakup Song (They Don’t Write ‘Em)
12) We Can Work It Out
13) Comes A Time
14) Squeeze Box
15) House Of The Rising Sun
16) Think It Over
17) Hey Good Lookin’
18) Brown Eyed Girl
19) Sympathy For The Devil
20) Mr. Tambourine Man
21) The Letter
22) You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away/ New Amsterdam
23) Welcome To The Working Week
24) I’ve Just Seen A Face
25) Shape Of Things To Come
26) (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone
27) Five O’Clock World

I received a call from Brittni to perform at this evening’s Midnight Oil show at The Ruby Room 48 hours before the event and when I showed up to play my 10:30 PM set it turned out that the other two acts on the bill (Corey Cottrell and Zack Kingsley according to Facebook) were a complete no-show. I told Paul behind the bar what Peter Buck of R.E.M. used to say back in the ’80s: “It’s amazing how far in this business you can get just by showing up for your appointments.” I guess that’s true of ALL businesses, but particularly the music biz. Musicians are already rightly regarded as a bit on the flaky side; not showing up for a gig kind of seals the deal. Instead of playing one set I was invited by Paul to play “as long as I liked.” Since my motto tends to be Go Big or Go Home I ended up playing two and a half hours…suffice to say that I had a blast. A guy named Bons came in with a small posse around 11:30 to celebrate his birthday and he and his date danced up a storm in front of the bandstand for several numbers. Talked to an extremely interesting computer engineer named Steve throughout the night and had a fantastic conversation with him around politics and religion…two of my favorite subjects. Sometime after midnight a duo of percussion (a guy named Jay) and acoustic guitar (a female whose name I didn’t catch) came in and asked to play when I was finished, so they ended up taking over at 12:40. Good times all around. Still need to replace that 10th panel on A Royal Flush…