Neil Innes, Acoustic Music San Diego, San Diego, CA [06.04.11]

Neil Innes, Acoustic Music San Diego, San Diego, CA [06.04.11]

1) All Alone [ukulele]
2) Face Mail In The Meat Zone [acoustic guitar]
3) Where Has All The Money Gone? [acoustic guitar]
4) Fiasco Superstores Advertisement #1 [piano]
5) One Of Those People [black acoustic guitar]
6) I’m Going To Bring A Watermelon To My Girl Tonight [piano]
7) On Her Doorstep Last Night [piano]
8) Last Night On My Back Porch [piano]
9) My Brother Makes The Noises For The Talkies [piano]
10) recording at Abbey Road Studios/I Want To Tell You [piano]
11) Evening Sun [thin acoustic guitar]
12) Fiasco Superstores Advertisement #2 [piano]
13) Four-In-One Advertisement [piano]
14) For The Benefit Of Mankind [piano]
15) Brave Sir Robin [acoustic guitar]
16) Runaway [piano]
Philosopher’s Song [acoustic guitar]

18) Fiasco Superstores Advertisement #3 [piano]
19) Doubleback Alley [piano]
20) Good Times Roll [piano]
21) Another Day [piano]
22) Cheese And Onions [piano]
23) Eye Candy [acoustic guitar]
24) Cock-A-Doodle Tato Advertisement [acoustic guitar]
25) Mr. Eurovision [piano]
26) Love Is Getting Deeper [acoustic guitar]
27) Ego Warriors [black acoustic]
28) Democracy [
29) Imitation Song [piano]
30) Slaves Of Freedom [acoustic guitar]

31) I’m The Urban Spaceman [acoustic guitar]
32) Old Age Becomes Me [

How blessed am I to be able to count this night as the ninth time that I have seen Neil Innes in performance [previously: 09.08.94, 03.20.03, 03.22.03, 11.29.02, 11.06.04, 11.07.04, 05.27.06, 05.01.10]. The venue at 4650 Mansfield Street (right off of Adams Avenue) has become the premier listening room in San Diego, thanks in part to the natural acoustics of the Slavic Evangelic Church and the fact that alcohol isn’t served. Much as I love a good drink, it does seem to get in the way of some people’s attention span.

Tonight is, once again, further confirmation that Neil Innes is one of the all-time great singer, songwriter, musicians of the last 100 years. Few can match his flair for a turn of phrase nor his impeccable wit and irreverent surrealist worldview. Add to that a gift for melody and song structure that has few peers. His work not only as a solo artist but also as a founding member of The Bonzo Dog Band, The World, Grimms & Beatles satirists The Rutles, not to mention his significant contributions to Monty Python’s Flying Circus most assuredly qualifies Neil Innes as a timeless, world class talent. He is a true one-off Neil.

The night is sparked by an endless succession of giggles with between song patter that includes a reference to his own “People’s Guide To World Domination” before launching into a parody of the Kingston Trio’s “Where Have All The Flowers Gone” by substituting “money” for “flowers,” obliquely referencing the financial scandals of the previous half decade, expressing dismay at the world economy by jumping into a mock radio jingle for the fictitious Wal-Mart-like superstore called FIASCO. Making a sly reference to being 66 this year he cracked “I went through the ’60s and I’m going through them again.” Another off-the-cuff gem: “I love infinity…I can’t get enough of it.”

Well, I can’t get enough of Neil Innes and I’m going to go ahead and wish him a happy 67th birthday, even though it doesn’t come until December 9th! Peace & love to Essex’s favorite son.