Robyn Hitchcock, Largo @ the Coronet, Los Angeles, CA [03.30.11]

Robyn Hitchcock with Bill Rieflin & Sean Nelson at Largo @ the Coronet Theatre, Los Angeles, CA [03.30.11]

The 2nd night of a three-night stand in The Little Room at Largo.  The previous night had Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey; tonight is more spare with just Bill on brushes with an empty Harp Lager cardboard box and Sean Nelson on harmonies.  Bill is also a fine harmony singer as well.  The Little Room is so intimate that Robyn didn’t need to plug in his acoustic guitar and barely approached the lone mic on the stage.  At 9:50 he began with the words “This is the next show” and broke into his 1988 b-side Ghost Ship.  A few songs later he shares the observation that “you can drink air through a harp and think you’re a train.”  By 11:12 he claims that he’s been on stage for hours and hours and when told it’s only been 66 minutes he says “yeah, but it’s intense” and leaves the stage with Bill and Sean.  After the 30 patrons in the room relentlessly clapped for more Robyn returned solo for a transcendent version of One Long Pair Of Eyes followed with a great reading of the moody Groovy Decay chestnut 52 Stations.  One of the greatest sets I’ve ever seen Robyn deliver.  Well worth the drive from San Diego.  Nice to meet you Henry.

1) Ghost Ship
2) Alright, Yeah
3) Saturday Groovers
4) Savannah
5) You And Oblivion
6) Cynthia Mask
7) Oceanside
8) New Age
9) Television
[Magnum Force rap, (A Man’s Gotta Know His Limitations) Briggs not played]
10) Red Locust Frenzy
11) No, I Don’t Remember Guildford
12) Sounds Great When You’re Dead
13) I’m Falling

14) One Long Pair Of Eyes
15) 52 Stations