State Controlled Radio #219-221


Hello friends and neighbors…this is my last day [in this lifetime at least] as a 45 year old. Onward and upward I say…

As I wrote in my last missive, this summer has been filled with unexpected twists and turns, especially regarding the production of my radio program, State Controlled Radio. I have had an unplanned hiatus of sorts and it has given me the time to sort out which kinds of projects that I wish to invest my time in the coming new [solar] year. I feel inspired to concoct, compile and evoke a book out of my various musical endeavors throughout the years [with a working title of Turning On At Forty-Five Revolutions Per Minute & Coming Down At Thirty-Three-And-A-Third] and as that vision continues to come into focus I will keep you posted on the development of that project.

Anyhow, I will resume production of SCR here in the next couple of weeks but in the meantime I want to let you know that State Controlled Radio will not be airing any longer on BZoO Worldwide Radio. It has been a great four-and-a-half year run creating programs for RG and his audience but both he and I feel that it is time for a change and I feel that the eclectic nature of my program no longer fits into the Dance/House format that RG has moved onto. Many (if not all) of my previous programs will soon be archived over at Babble and I am excited about creating fresh content for the folks over at Babble Radio come September.

In the meantime, I highly recommend the last three SCR programs to be found below; episode #219 Ffity-Nine/Pearls Before Swine, #220 Ode To LS.d and I especially encourage you to check out episode #221 entitled Flipping Your Wig! A Conversation With Peter Case. This interview with Peter may be my favorite show yet in the SCR series.

I have been enjoying a number of books this summer including The Masked Rider by Neil Peart, a 1996 autobiographical account by the Rush lyricist and drummer about his travels and travails of riding a bicycle through Africa in November of 1988. I picked up a copy of the book after seeing Rush in concert with my daughter Emily at the Verizon Ampitheater in Irvine, CA on 08.13.10. I devored the story in less than two days and now I’m on to his most recent memoir Traveling Music. I highly recommend Peart’s prose. I found The Masked Rider to be exhilarating and I can’t wait to read his other three books.

Another book that I have been enjoying immensely this past week is Richie Unterberger’s White Light/White Heat: The Velvet Underground Day-By-Day. A native of Philadelphia, Unterberger has called San Francisco his home for the past 27 years and I was able to pick up a copy of the Velvet Underground tome this past weekend when Unterberger came down to San Diego to give a lecture and screen a couple of hours of obscure video clips from groups of the British Invasion (starting with The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show in February 1964 and ending with their Our World performance of “All You Need Is Love” on June 25th of 1967). [By the way, props to Kurtis Strange, Mike Stax and others for their hand in organizing the event.] I’ve read many of Richie’s essays in the past, being a regular contributor to Mojo and Ugly Things magazine, but this is the first book of his that I have owned and it is a thing of beauty. The photos and layout are awesome (reminding me quite favorably of Keith Badham’s excellent day-by-day diary of The Beach Boys), the text is well written and it is superbly researched. You can check out this and several other of Richie Unterberger’s books at his website:

I have no concerts scheduled at the moment but I am investigating the possibility of playing some house concerts in the fall. I will, of course, be sure to keep you posted.

Stay cool everybody and enjoy the rest of your summer. Happy birthday to my fellow Virgos.

In peace & harmony,

State Controlled Radio Episode #219
August 1-2, 2010
Fifty-Nine/Pearls Before Swine

State Controlled Radio Episode #220
August 8-9, 2010
Ode To LS.d [layne sterling • dragon] [take two]

State Controlled Radio Episode #221
August 15-16, 2010
Flipping Yer Wig! A Conversation With Peter Case