4 Out Of 5 Doctors at Jammin’ Java, Vienna, VA [07.17.10]

4 Out Of 5 Doctors, Jammin’ Java, Vienna, VA [07.17.10]

1) Modern Man
2) Jeff Jeff
3) Waiting For A Change
4) Heart On A Chain
5) Young World
6) I Like You
7) Plastic Fad
8) Malpractice Suite
9) Elizabeth
10) Anna With Antennae
11) Opus 10
12) I Want Her

13) Good Pretender
14) Waiting For Roxanne
15) Danger Man
16) Mr. Cool Shoes
17) Sleepy Time
18) Girl With Smarts
19) Breaking Rocks
20) Call Me At Home
21) Hard Act To Follow
22) Mushroom Boy
23) Not From Her World
24) Red Blooded American Boy

25) Coliseum Rock

Billed as “The Last Waltz” I have a hard time believing that this is REALLY the last time that 4 Out Of 5 Doctors will ever perform before a live audience. This was, however, the third year in a row that all four original members (Jeff Severson, Cal Everett, George Pittaway & Tom Ballew) reformed to perform at the local Virginia venue Jammin’ Java and if they’ve worn out their welcome you wouldn’t have been able to guess considering the ecstatic reception that the near capacity crowd gave them on Saturday night.

In the previous two years the band performed their two LPs pretty much in their entirety; the first set consisting of their 1980 eponymous debut and the second set consisting of 1982’s Second Opinion.  This time around, in the wake of their retrospective CD Post Op (released in 2009, containing 21 unreleased songs from 1977 to 1983) the Doctors mixed it up quite a bit, nixing a few of their well known numbers to spotlight some of the obscure gems in their catalog.

Maybe you had to be there “back in the day,” but I find the Doctors brand of energenic rock and roll (some might call it Power Pop) pretty timeless and if you are a fan of well-crafted songs, awesome vocals and flawless musicianship then you are encouraged to check out the band’s music for yourself.


The Reconstruction of 4 Out Of 5 Doctors • Part One

The Reconstruction of 4 Out Of 5 Doctors • Part Two

Peter Case at McCabe’s, Santa Monica, CA [07.09.10]

Peter Case with Ron Franklin & D.J. Bonebrake at McCabe’s Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, CA [07.09.10]

1st set [8:00 PM]

1) Colors Of Night
2) ‘New’ Old Blue Car
3) I Shook His Hand
4) Two Angels
5) Nadine
6) House Rent Jump
7) Dig What You’re Puttin’ Down
8) Pledging My Time
9) Walking Home Late
10) Cold Trail Blues
11) Hidden Love
12) Banks Of The River
13) Words In Red
14) Thirty Days In The Workhouse
15) Somebody Told The Truth
16) Ain’t Go No Dough

17) House Rent Party

2nd set [10:00 PM]

Ron Franklin opening set of 5 songs

1) Colors Of Night
2) Help Yourself
3) ‘New’ Old Blue Car
4) I Shook His Hand
5) Two Angels
6) Nadine
7) Black Crow Blues
8) House Rent Jump
9) Dig What You’re Puttin’ Down
10) Pledging My Time
11) Walking Home Late
12) Every 24 Hours
13) [first song PC ever wrote]
14) Horse And Crow
15) Ice Water
16) Banks Of The River
17) Words In Red
18) Ain’t Go No Dough [with Stan Ridgeway on harp]

19) House Rent Party

July 9th was declared Peter Case Day in the City of Santa Monica and tonight Peter ably demonstrated why the community of Santa Monica would wish to honor him in the first place.  This was the first full performance that I have witnessed since Peter’s heart operation in January of 2009 and he looks and sounds like he is absolutely on top of his game.  Peter’s latest LP Wig! was released two weeks ago and many songs from the new album were featured in this evening’s performance. Accompanying Peter on both Wig! and his performance at McCabe’s was drummer D.J. Bonebrake (of X and Knitters fame) and guitarist Ron Franklin (of Gasoline Silver).  I would consider this evening a triumph in every way.

Congratulations Peter… Wig! may be the album of the year.  Check it out at www.petercase.com

State Controlled Radio #212-218


Hello my friends…A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum and…

Strange how you can set off in one direction and wind up at a very different destination…wasn’t it Hemingway who said something about the best laid plans…or was it Joyce?  Oh, Dickens.

The only constant is change and there has sure been a lot of that since my last e-blast, a mere two months ago.  I did not intend such a burst of silence on the communication front but that is the wonderfully wacky sort of summer that I’ve been experiencing.  What say you?  How’s YOUR summer been so far?

One thing is for certain however and that is that I haven’t been laying about ‘cuz since I was last in contact with you I have produced SEVEN new State Controlled Radio programs.  Four of those are three hours long including three TIME MACHINE programs that I know that you are going to enjoy.  The Time Machine is a new feature on SCR that tears out a page from the Billboard Hot 100 charts and counts down 40 (or more) songs from that particular week.  If you missed the debut of any of these programs on BZoO Worldwide Radio during the months of May or June, then I advise you to check out the details below and click on the links if you’d like to hear them for yourself.

Now, it pleases me to no end to inform you that the latest issue of UGLY THINGS magazine (issue number 30) is hot off the press and it is another fantastic piece of writing and publishing from Mister Mike Stax.  The main feature of UT #30 is a terrific article on The Kinks by Jon Savage and yours truly even offered up a bit of history on Neil Young in reference to Neil’s ten-disc Archives Vol. 1 Box Set.  Mike’s band The Loons also have a great new album out entitled Red Dissolving Rays Of Light.  You can check out both the LP and the magazine at: http://www.ugly-things.com/

So…I don’t know if you follow astrology at all, but a couple weeks back we had a lunar eclipse (on June 26th) and right around that time the computer that drives BZoO Worldwide Radio (out of Kentucky) completely went bye-bye.  So the station was off the air for a bit.  Shortly after BZoO was back up and running I, too, experienced some technical difficulties with my hard drive as well.  The upshot is that this has lead to an unexpected four week hiatus on producing any new State Controlled Radio programs.  Who knows what the Solar Eclipse/New Moon on July 11th will bring?  Glad Tidings I’m sure. The silver lining to all of this of course is that I have had a well-needed and appreciated break from writing and producing but I will most assuredly be back on July 25th with a new program (episode #219) entitled Say Goodbye It’s Independence Day.

AND, immediately following will be episode #220 entitled Flipping Your Wig!: A Conversation With Peter Case where I will be featuring Peter’s brand new LP Wig! as well as sitting down and speaking to Peter about his new songs and all the things that have been happening in his life during the past year since his open heart surgery in January of 2009.  Peter is about to embark on a summer tour across the US and is performing a couple of shows this Friday on July 9th at McCabe’s in Santa Monica with Ron Franklin on guitar and DJ Bonebrake on drums and it is sure to be fantastic.  Check out Peter’s new album (and buy it) at: http://www.petercase.com/

Oh, and one more thing while I’m at it…my friends 4 Out Of 5 Doctors are performing for the very last time in honor of their 30th anniversary on Saturday, July 17th at Jammin’ Java in Vienna, Virginia.  For the past three years this has become an annual pilgrimage for me and I can’t imagine missing this “final” show.  It is bound to be bittersweet and yet all good things must eventually come to a conclusion (or so I hear).  If you are in the DC area (or on the east coast) come on out and help me cheer Jeff, Cal, George and Tommy on “one last time.”  We’ll also be wishing Martha a happy birthday…tickets can be found here: http://www.jamminjava.com/home/events/4-out-of-5-doctors

And speaking of happy birthdays I want to wish James Arthur Bonnin a very happy birthday on the 18th of July (can it already be three years since recording The Assumptions?) and I also want wish my brother Scott a very happy birthday as well (same day as Ringo’s July 7th).

Thanks to everybody who came out to see Sunset Temples play their final gig at the Ken Club on May 21st and to witness my last 2nd Saturday program for Hamilton’s Tavern on June 12th.  It was a fantastic run…

I hope that you are enjoying your summer.  Have fun and I hope to see you soon.

In peace & harmony,

State Controlled Radio Episode #212
May 9-10, 2010

Stone The Crowes

State Controlled Radio Episode #213
May 16-17, 2010
The Time Machine [singles from Billboard’s Hot 100 for the week ending 05.15.71]

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State Controlled Radio Episode #217
June 13-14, 2010
Let’s Have A Party To Cure The Summertime Blues
[the last SCR 2nd Saturday Celebration at Hamilton’s Tavern]

State Controlled Radio Episode #218
June 20-21, 2010
The Clock Is Ticking