State Controlled Radio #206-208 [Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get/SMiLE It’s Springtime!/Alex Chilton Is More Than A Big Star]


Hello everybody and welcome to the weekend…

Yesterday, on April 22nd, it was the 73rd anniversary of Jack Nitzsche’s birthday.  If you don’t know his name (or his work) boy, are you in for a treat.  His work speaks for itself.  On April 18th I aired part 1 of Specs…The Jack Nitzsche CV and this weekend part 2 will air.  Check it out.  The man is amazing.

Of course, since my last e-blast there have been three new State Controlled Radio programs in the offering as well (episodes #206-208 entitled Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get, SMiLE It’s Springtime! and Alex Chilton Is More Than A Big Star) and if you missed any of them when they originally aired on BZoO Worldwide Radio and you would like to check them out they can be found below.

GIG ALERT GIG ALERT GIG ALERT:  coming up in exactly two weeks on Friday, May 7th Sunset Temples is performing at the Casbah with our friends Behind The Wagon and Midnight Rivals.  PLEASE come out and support us at this show.  Our debut on April 6th at the Radio Room was spectacular (THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT AND CHEERED US ON) and I suspect that this next gig will be even better.  Check out the attached poster…

I witnessed the incomparable Jeff Beck at 4th & B this past week with Narada Michael Walden on drums, Rhonda Smith on bass & vocals and Jason Rebello on keyboards.  Simply stunning.  There is a reason that I call him The World’s Greatest Living Guitarist.  The set list is up on my blog.  He is currently touring the United States.  Catch him if you can.

Be sure to join us in May at Hamilton’s Tavern where will be celebrating Blair and Karen’s birthdays (the 15th & 16th respectively) with a hand-picked program by Blair of The Black Crowes (his all-time fave group).  The featured beers on tap are by Stone Brewing Company (always a good time to be sure).  It goes down on Saturday, May 8th from 5 to 8 PM.  1521 30th Street, San Diego, CA 92102

On May 1st I suggest that you do yourself a favor and come out and hear Neil Innes perform at Acoustic Music San Diego.  Lord knows how many more opportunities you will be afforded to see and hear in person the genius who co-founded the Bonzo Dog Band, composed all of the classic Rutles songs, as well as crafting the indispensable classic How Sweet To Be An Idiot.  Miss him at your own peril…

Thanks everyone and enjoy the rest of April.  Hope to see you soon.


P.S.  Download links will expire, so seize the day.


04.25.10 & 04.26.10 SCR Episode #210 “Specs…The Jack Nitzsche CV Part 2″ [] (11 PM PST)
05.02.10 & 05.03.10 SCR Episode #211 “TBD” [] (11 PM PST)
05.08.10 SCR Episode #212 “The Black Crowes” at Hamilton’s Tavern 2nd Saturday from 5 to 8 PM []
05.09.10 & 05.10.10 SCR Episode #213 “The Black Crowes” [] (11 PM PST)
05.07.10 Sunset Temples performs at the Casbah with Behind The Wagon & Midnight Rivals. 2501 Kettner Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92101, 619.232.4355

State Controlled Radio Episode #206
March 28-29, 2010
Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get

1) I’ve Just Seen A Face/The Beatles (from Help!) (08.06.65)
2) Things We’ll Never See/The Sneeches (from Slow) (1990)
3) Whatcha You See Is Whatcha Get/The Dramatics (single A-side) (06.71)
4) Sunshine/Timbuk 3 (from Big Shot In The Dark) (08.27.91)
5) My Eyes Have Seen You/The Doors (from Strange Days) (10.07.67)
6) Can You See Me?/The Jimi Hendrix Experience (from Are You Experienced?) (05.12.67)
7) I Can See Clearly Now/Johnny Nash (from I Can See Clearly Now) (1972)
8) I Think I See The Light/Cat Stevens (from Mona Bone Jakon) (04.01.70)
9) What I See/Acetone (from If You Only Knew) (1996)
10) If You See What I Mean/P. P. Arnold (b-side of The Time Has Come single) (06.30.67)
11) Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You/Frankie Valli (from The 4 Seasons Present Frankie Valli Solo) (05.67)
12) I’m Coming Home To See About You/Otis Redding (b-side of The Glory Of Love single) (06.30.67)
13) See You Sometime/Joni Mitchell (from For The Roses) (11.72)
14) We’ll See/Buffalo Springfield (from Buffalo Springfield Box Set) (01.09.67)
15) When Will I See You Again/The Three Degrees (from The Three Degrees) (09.74)
16) Come Around And See Me/Raspberries (from Raspberries) (05.72)
17) I See You/The Byrds (from Fifth Dimension) (07.18.66)
18) I’ll See You In My Dreams/Joe Brown (from Concert For George) (11.29.02)
19) So Glad To See You Here/Wings & Rockestra (from Back To The Egg) (06.08.79)
20) See No Evil/Television (from Marquee Moon) (02.08.77)
21) In The Beginning/The Moody Blues (from On The Threshold Of A Dream) (04.25.69)
22) Lovely To See You/The Moody Blues (from On The Threshold Of A Dream) (04.25.69)
23) Make It/Jon Kanis (from Cabalistic Dispatch) (07.17.05)
24) Through These Eyes/Liv Mueller & Jon Kanis  (from the Holiday Motel sessions) (06.07.06)
25) Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)/The First Edition (from The First Edition) (1967)
26) See/The Rascals (from See) (12.69)
27) Come See About Me/The Supremes (single A-side) (10.27.64)
28) See You After The War/Jack The Original (from Why The Long Face?) (2006)
29) Plastic Fad/4 Out Of 5 Doctors (from Post Op) (1980)
30) Seeing Is Believin’/The Mad Lads (single A-side) (1970)
31) Long As I Can See The Light/Creedence Clearwater Revival (from Cosmo’s Factory) (07.25.70)
32) See How We Are/X (from See How We Are) (06.87)
33) Let Me See/Morcheeba (from Big Calm) (03.16.98)
34) Soul Kitchen/The Doors (from The Doors) (01.04.67)
35) So Good To See You/Cheap Trick (from In Color) (08.77)
36) I’ll Be Seeing You/Rickie Lee Jones (from Pop Pop) (1991)

Here is the link for SCR #206a Part One [Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get].mp3:

Here is the link for SCR #206b Part Two [Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get].mp3:

State Controlled Radio Episode #207
April 4-5, 2010
SMiLE It’s Springtime!

1) Child Is The Father Of The Man [Take 2]/The Beach Boys [unreleased] (10.07.66)
2) Good Vibrations [various sessions/early take]/The Beach Boys (from Smiley Smile/Wild Honey CD) (Spring 1966)
3) Surf’s Up [track only]/The Beach Boys (from Good Vibrations) (11.66)
4) Cabinessence [track only]/The Beach Boys (from Good Vibrations) (10.11.66)
5) Our Prayer/The Beach Boys (from 20/20) (09.19.66)
6) Heroes And Villains [stereo single version]/The Beach Boys (from Hawthorne, CA) (1966-1967)
7) Heroes And Villains [alternate take]/The Beach Boys (from Good Vibrations) (1966-1967)
8) Heroes And Villains [sections]/The Beach Boys (from Good Vibrations) (1966-1967)
9) Do You Like Worms?/The Beach Boys (from Good Vibrations) (10.18.66)
10) Barnyard/The Beach Boys [unreleased] (10.20.66)
11) The Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine/The Beach Boys [unreleased] (11.14.66)
12) Cabinessence/The Beach Boys (from 20/20) (10.03.66)
13) Wonderful/The Beach Boys (from Good Vibrations) (09.01.66)
14) Look [aka I Ran]/The Beach Boys [unreleased] (10.13.66)
15) I Wanna Be Around/Friday Night/Workshop/The Beach Boys [unreleased] (11.29.66)
16) George Fell Into His French Horn/The Beach Boys [unreleased] (11.07.66)
17) Vegetables [stereo extended mix]/The Beach Boys (from Hawthorne, CA) (Spring 1967)
18) Holidays/The Beach Boys [unreleased] (09.08.66)
19) Wind Chimes/The Beach Boys (from Good Vibrations) (08.03.66)
20) Heroes And Villains [intro]/The Beach Boys (from Good Vibrations) (03.01.67)
21) Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow [takes 1 & 2]/The Beach Boys [unreleased] (11.28.66)
22) I Love To Say Da Da/The Beach Boys (from Good Vibrations) (05.16.67)
23) Child Is The Father Of The Man [Take 1]/The Beach Boys [unreleased] (10.07.66)
24) Surf’s Up/The Beach Boys (from Good Vibrations) (12.15.66)
25) You’re Welcome/The Beach Boys (b-side of Heroes And Villains single) (07.31.67)
26) Little Pad/The Beach Boys (from Smiley Smile) (09.18.67)
27) Good Vibrations/The Beach Boys (single A-side) (10.10.66)
28) Springsville/Miles Davis (from Miles Ahead) (1957)
29) I Live In The Springtime/The Lemon Drops (single A-side) (05.67)
30) Botticelli Spring/Gregory Corso (from Howls, Raps & Roars) (1969)
31) Springtime/Donald Fagen (from Kamakiriad) (05.25.93)
32) Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most/Rickie Lee Jones (from Pop Pop) (1991)
33) Spring/The Caterpillar Book (from Maybe This Summer…) (2008)
34) Where Did My Spring Go?/The Kinks (from Where Was Spring?) (01.28.69)
35) Easter Everywhere/Julian Cope (from My Nation Underground) (1988)
36) Walking In The Rain/Flash And The Pan (from Flash And The Pan) (1979)
37) It’s Raining Again/Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (b-side of Refugee single) (1980)
38) Dry The Rain/The Beta Band (from Champion Versions EP) (1987)
39) Bright Fresh Flower/Robyn Hitchcock (from b-side of The Yip Song single) (1992)
40) Easter Parade/Rickie Lee Jones with The Blue Nile (single A-side) (1990)
41) Easter/The Patti Smith Group (from Easter) (03.03.78)
42) Watermelon In Easter Hay/Frank Zappa (from Joe’s Garage: Act III) (11.19.79)
43) Some Other Spring/Billie Holiday & Her Orchestra (single A-side) (07.05.39)
44) Thumper Song/Vonnair Sisters, Robie Lester, Thurl Ravenscroft (from Peter Cottontail plus other funny bunnies and their friends) (1972)

Here is the link for SCR #207a Part One [SMiLE It’s Springtime].mp3:

Here is the link for SCR #207b Part Two [SMiLE It’s Springtime].mp3:

State Controlled Radio Episode #208
April 11-12, 2010
Alex Chilton Is More Than A Big Star

1) O My Soul/Big Star (from Radio City) (01.74)
2) Bangkok/Alex Chilton (single A-side) (1978)
3) Stroke It Noel/Big Star (from Third/Sister Lovers) (1975)
4) The Ballad Of El Goodo/Big Star (from #1 Record) (04.72)
5) The Letter/The Box Tops (single A-side; also from The Letter/Neon Rainbow) (08.67)
6) In The Street [alternate mix]/Big Star (from Keep An Eye On The Sky) (04.72)
7) Thirteen [alternate mix]/Big Star (from Keep An Eye On The Sky) (04.72)
8) Cry Like A Baby/The Box Tops (from Cry Like A Baby) (04.68)
9) Coca-Cola Commercial/The Box Tops (radio advertisement) (1968)
10) Let Me Get Close To You/Alex Chilton (from High Priest) (1987)
11) Dalai Lama/Alex Chilton (from High Priest) (1987)
12) Alex Chilton/The Replacements (from Pleased To Meet Me) (07.87)
13) September Gurls/Big Star (from Radio City) (01.74)
14) O, Dana/Big Star (from Third/Sister Lovers) (1975)
15) When My Baby’s Beside Me/Big Star (from #1 Record) (04.72)
16) Baby Strange/Big Star (from Columbia: Live At Missouri University) (04.25.93)
17) Mod Lang [alternate mix]/Big Star (from Keep An Eye On The Sky) (1973)
18) Back Of A Car [alternate mix]/Big Star (from Keep An Eye On The Sky) (1973)
19) You Get What You Deserve/Big Star (from Radio City) (01.74)
20) Free Again/Alex Chilton (from 1970) (1970)
21) Kizza Me/Big Star (from Third/Sister Lovers) (1975)
22) You Can’t Have Me/Big Star (from Third/Sister Lovers) (1975)
23) Lies/Alex Chilton (from A Man Called Destruction) (1995)
24) Neon Rainbow/The Box Tops (from The Letter/Neon Rainbow) (11.67)
25) Soul Deep/The Box Tops (from Dimensions) (09.69)
26) My Baby Just Cares For Me/Alex Chilton (from Cliches) (1994)
27) Something Deep Inside/Alex Chilton (from 1970) (1970)
28) What’s Going Ahn/Big Star (from Radio City) (01.74)
29) Thing For You/Alex Chilton (from High Priest) (1987)
30) Funky National/Alex Chilton (from 1970) (1970)
31) Can’t Seem To Make You Mine/Alex Chilton (b-side of Bangkok single) (1978)
32) My Life Is Right/Big Star (from #1 Record) (04.72)
33) Give Me Another Chance/Big Star (from #1 Record) (04.72)
34) Try Again/Big Star (from #1 Record) (04.72)
35) Watch The Sunrise [single mix]/Big Star (from Keep An Eye On The Sky) (04.72)
36) Daisy Glaze/Big Star (from Radio City) (01.74)
37) She’s A Mover/Big Star (from Radio City) (01.74)
38) I Am The Cosmos/Chris Bell (single A-side) (1978)
39) You And Your Sister/Chris Bell (b-side of I Am The Cosmos single) (1978)
40) No Sex/Alex Chilton (from No Sex EP) (1986)
41) Take It Off/Alex Chilton (from High Priest) (1987)
42) Tee Ni Nee Ni Noo/Tip On In/Alex Chilton (from Feudalist Tarts) (1985)
43) Hot Thing/Big Star (from Big Star Small World) (2006) (05.02.06)
44) Do You Wanna Make It/Big Star (from In Space) (09.27.05)
45) The Oogum Boogum Song/Alex Chilton (from Loose Shoes And Tight Pussy) (1999)
46) New Girl In School/Alex Chilton (from A Man Called Destruction) (1995)
47) Make A Little Love/Alex Chilton (from High Priest) (1987)
48) Nightime/Big Star (from Third/Sister Lovers) (1975)
49) Big Black Car/Big Star (from Third/Sister Lovers) (1975)
50) Take Care/Big Star (from Third/Sister Lovers) (1975)
51) Morpha Too/Big Star (from Radio City) (01.74)
52) Garbageman/The Cramps (from Songs The Lord Taught Us) (1980)
53) Lost My Job/Alex Chilton (from Feudalist Tarts) (1985)
54) Come By Here/Alex Chilton (from High Priest) (1987)
55) Manana/Big Star (from Keep An Eye On The Sky) (1975)
56) I’m In Love With A Girl/Big Star (from Radio City) (01.74)
57) Thank You Friends/Big Star (from Third/Sister Lovers) (1975)
58) ST 100/6/Big Star (from #1 Record) (04.72)

Here is the link for SCR #208a Part One [Alex Chilton Is More Than A Big Star].mp3:

Here is the link for SCR #208b Part Two [Alex Chilton Is More Than A Big Star].mp3:

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