State Controlled Radio #202-205 [Mission Statement/Arthur Lee & Love/Thin Lizzy/Viva la Revolución]


Hello my friends and welcome to the first week of Spring 2010.

I seem to be getting out the word about once a month these days…

Legendary musician, songwriter & producer Alex Chilton has been heavily on my mind for the past week and I (like many other musicians and music fans) was shocked at the untimely nature of his death last Wednesday on St. Patrick’s Day at the age of 59.  In the past seven days there has been much written about Alex and what a singular inspiring presence he has been for rock and roll over the past five decades.  His death has hit me kinda hard and subsequently I have been focusing on organizing his recording career as an artist and as a producer into a three-hour tribute for next month’s 2nd Saturday celebration at Hamilton’s Tavern.  If anyone out there has any obscure recordings of Alex I would love to hear about it…the SCR tribute will have music from The Box Tops, Big Star, assorted solo projects, The Cramps and various other odds and ends.  It all goes down on Saturday, April 10th from 5 to 8 PM.  1521 30th Street, San Diego, CA 92102

In addition to Alex’s passing, in the past four weeks there have been four new State Controlled Radio programs.  Information on all four shows can be found below.

GIG ALERT GIG ALERT GIG ALERT:  coming up in less than two weeks is the public debut of Sunset Temples at the Radio Room on April 6th where we will be opening for Behind The Wagon.  Sunset Temples features Scot Blair on guitar & vocals, John “Feever” Cooper on lead guitar, Andrew Sprague on drums & vocals and yours truly on bass & vocals.  The band is really rockin’ and I’m looking forward to our upcoming gigs.  If you can’t make the Radio Room gig we are also playing on Friday, May 7th at The Casbah.  Hope to see you at one of the shows.  IT MIGHT GET LOUD…

In the last e-blast I told you that I had been invited to contribute to a Robyn Hitchcock tribute series of CDs entitled GLASS FLESH.  On March 1st I recorded the track 52 STATIONS and it will be included on Volume Four of the Glass Flesh series.  I also recorded a new original entitled Follow Up and if you want to hear it you can check it out in this week’s SCR program entitled Viva la Revolución.  Many, many thanks to Christopher Hoffee who helped me out on both songs.

And while I’m thanking people I want to send a BIG THANK YOU out to my childhood friend Robert Calkin who helped me out tremendously with my Johnny The Fox Meets Thin Lizzy tribute for the St. Patrick’s 2nd Saturday at Hamilton’s Tavern.  I had an amazing time both at 2nd Saturday and St. Patrick’s Day at Hammie’s and at Small Bar.  The two coolest bars in town these days…thank you friends…

Good luck keeping body and soul together and may your heart be singing with the first signs of Spring.

[at the last 2nd Saturday celebration I was told by one of the patrons that my emails were SO POSITIVE, they were almost obnoxiously so…]

Well, what can I say to that?  I look forward to seeing your smiling face soon.

Peace everyone,


03.28.10 & 03.29.10 SCR Episode #206 “TBD” [] (11 PM PST)
04.04.10 & 04.05.10 SCR Episode #207 “TBD” [] (11 PM PST)
04.10.10 SCR Episode #208 “Alex Chilton Is A Big Star” at Hamilton’s Tavern 2nd Saturday from 5 to 8 PM []
04.11.10 & 04.12.10 SCR Episode #208 “Alex Chilton Is A Big Star” [] (11 PM PST)
04.06.10 Sunset Temples performs at the Radio Room with Behind The Wagon.
3519 El Cajon Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92104, 619.284.3323 []
05.07.10 Sunset Temples performs at the Casbah with Midnight Rivals.
2501 Kettner Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92101, 619.232.4355

State Controlled Radio Episode #202
February 28-March 1, 2010
Mission Statement

State Controlled Radio Episode #203
March 7-8, 2010
Arthur Lee & Love

State Controlled Radio Episode #204
March 14-15, 2010
Johnny The Fox Meets Thin Lizzy

State Controlled Radio Episode #205
March 21-22, 2010
Viva la Revolución