State Controlled Radio #194-197 [2010, David Bowie, Charlie Cheney, Warren Zevon]


All right my friends…

The New Year is four weeks old now and I have yet to send out an e-blast, so this could get long…you’ve been forewarned (but so much has happened…)

For starters there have been four new State Controlled Radio programs.  The New Year (and decade) began with episode #194 “Twenty Ten And Back Again” with the theme linked to the power of ten, magic and good fortune.  After that it was David Bowie’s 63rd birthday on 01.09.10 so I produced a four-hour program in his honor.  The first three hours played at Hamilton’s Tavern for 2nd Saturday and a fourth hour was added for airplay on BZoO Worldwide Radio.  After that, episode #196 featured a conversation with singer-songwriter Charlie Cheney, an awesome guy who passed through San Diego back in November and I had the chance to sit down and talk with him about his life and his music.  And then, last week for episode #197 on January 24th it was the anniversary of Warren Zevon’s birthday so I honored Warren with a two-hour program entitled Beyond Hectoring:  The Words & Music of Warren Zevon (thanks to Mike Keneally for inspiring me with the title).  If you missed any or all of these programs you can find them listed below in the usual fashion.

Now, coming up in the next two weeks I have the pleasure of welcoming back to SCR Mr. Mike Stax, an extremely talented guy whom I had the supreme joy of featuring last May.  Mike returns for a two-part special where we will discuss many of the recording artists featured in the most recent issue of his publication Ugly Things (issue number 29 to be exact) and then in part two we will discuss many of the bands that are featured in the new Rhino Records box set Where The Action Is, Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968.  Check below for the times when they will be broadcast on BZoO.

After the two-part Mike Stax special there is the monumental achievement of web-casting my TWO HUNDREDTH episode of State Controlled Radio entitled A Valentine From Me To You…Kiss Me You Fool!, a three-hour special to commemorate the four-year anniversary of SCR.  The general [recurring] theme is LOVE (in various shapes and guises).  The program will debut at Hamilton’s Tavern for 2nd Saturday (on 02.13.10) and it will run on Valentine’s Day on BZoO.  Wow…

I found out this morning that Yoko Ono is performing at the Fox Theatre in Oakland with a brand new Plastic Ono Band featuring Sean Lennon on guitar at the Noise Pop 2010 festival and as it is also her birthday that week (where she turns 77 on 02.18.10) it seemed like an excellent opportunity to feature some of her more recent work in episode #201 Yoko Ono & The Plastic Ono Band.  I actually met Yoko in NYC back in 2004 but I’ve never seen her perform and I am extremely excited about it.  This will be an awesome show…

Now, as I shift gears…in the world of playing rock and roll:  this week Listening To Rocks went into Chaos Recording Studio and recorded and MIXED to completion six original songs to promote the band and prepare for our big gig at the Casbah on 02.14.10.  This is going to be a great show with Tan Sister Radio and Silent Comedy also on the bill.  You won’t want to miss it.  Oh, and if you wish to hear what our recordings from this past Tuesday sound like visit our myspace page at:

[big thanks to Christopher Hoffee, engineer, producer and musician extraordinaire!].

And if it wasn’t enough playing bass for the Assumptions and for Listening To Rocks I am also playing bass in a brand new outfit with Scot Blair, Andrew Sprague and John Cooper and we hope to be out playing gigs by the first of March.  No set band name as of yet but SUNSET TEMPLE has a really good ring to it…I’ll keep you posted as things develop but the band is sounding really cool so far.

All right, that should be enough.  Come out to 2nd Saturday at Hamilton’s and come see Listening To Rocks on Valentine’s Day at the Casbah if you can.  It’s gonna be a great weekend.

See you in February.  Have fun!



01.31.10 & 02.01.10 SCR Episode #198 “Ugly Things #29 with Mike Stax Part One” [] (11 PM PST)
02.07.10 & 02.08.10 SCR Episode #199 “Where The Action Is with Mike Stax Part Two” [] (11 PM PST)
02.13.10 SCR Episode #200 “A Valentine From Me To You…Kiss Me You Fool! [SCR’s Four-Year Anniversary]” at Hamilton’s Tavern 2nd Saturday from 5 to 8 PM []
02.14.10 & 02.15.10 SCR Episode #200 “A Valentine From Me To You…Kiss Me You Fool! [SCR’s Four-Year Anniversary]” [] (11 PM PST)
02.14.10 Listening To Rocks performs at The Casbah in honor of Roger & Sara Morrison’s 3rd wedding anniversary.  Tan Sister Radio & Silent Comedy are also on the bill.  []
02.21.10 & 02.22.10 SCR Episode #201 “Yoko Ono & The Plastic Ono Band” [] (11 PM PST)

State Controlled Radio Episode #194
January 3-4, 2010
Twenty Ten And Back Again {Fortune Is The End Of The Beginning]

State Controlled Radio Episode #195
January 10-11, 2010
Words & Music by David Bowie

State Controlled Radio Episode #196
January 17-18, 2010
Packed With Nouns:  A Conversation With Charlie Cheney

State Controlled Radio Episode #197
January 24-25, 2010
Beyond Hectoring:  The Words & Music of Warren Zevon [01.24.47-09.07.03]