State Controlled Radio #191-193 [Randy Newman/Tom Petty 1 & 2]

Dateline:  12.16.09
Dear friends, family & neighbors:

I hope that this communiqué finds you well, in good health and spirits.  This might be the last missive from me for the calendar year of 2009…it’s hard to predict these things.  Or it may be the penultimate e-blast, who knows?

What I do know is that it is darn cold around these parts (for San Diego anyway) and I have some seasonal cheer and wishes to impart to each and every one of you.  

First, I want to say thank you to all of our friends who came out to our house concert on 11.29.09 to see The Assumptions, Sara Sterling, Charlie Cheney, Mike Keneally and yours truly.  It was tremendous fun and I hope that we get the chance to play again soon with the full ensemble.  Big thanks to Steve Laub for capturing it all on HD video.

The last two weeks have been incredibly busy with all sorts of musical activities; dj gigs, musical gigs, radio programs…in fact this past week’s SCR program on Tom Petty was tremendous fun at Hamilton’s Tavern and a great way to end the year with 2nd Saturday (and Avery Brewing from Boulder, Colorado…thank you Adam).

Since the last word that I sent out I have produced three new State Controlled Radio programs:  episode #191 Words & Music by Randy Newman and episodes #192 & #193 Tom Petty Is Alive And Well Parts One & Two.  If you missed them when they aired on BZoO Homegrown Radio [] you can catch them down below by double-clicking on the download links.  Easy as pie.

Between now and the end of the calendar year there are two more programs scheduled to be broadcast on BZoO:  the first is an encore presentation of episode #144 entitled Solstice [in honor of the Winter Solstice coming up on 12.21.09 at 9:47 am PDT] and the last program of the year (and the decade) will air on 12.27.09 and is entitled Twenty Ten And Back Again.  This will be an exploration of both the end of the era and what I hope will lie ahead for the next decade.  After that, in January there will be a new [third] edition of episode #45 A Prayer For The New Year and for 2nd Saturday on January 9th at Hamilton’s Tavern we will celebrate the 63rd birthday of David Robert Jones with three hours of classic David Bowie.  Also in January I will be doing a feature on Warren Zevon to honor the anniversary of his birth and I will also present a two-hour conversation with aforementioned singer/songwriter Charlie Cheney that will be highly entertaining.  All of this fabulous kinetic energy is leading up to the 200th episode of SCR on Valentine’s Day where I will be celebrating the 4th anniversary of State Controlled Radio with a very special program entitled Who Do You Love…A Valentine From Me To You and I’m looking very forward to it.

2009 has been an amazing year in a myriad of ways with many new friendships made and lots of challenges met head-on with great success.  I hope that 2010 turns out to be a beneficially transformative year for everyone on the planet and that you are able to generate and experience more love and prosperity in the coming times ahead.

Oh, to help spread the yuletide spirit I have re-posted the Hamilton’s Tavern Holiday On Ice special from 2007 in case you haven’t heard it.  It is sure to get you in the mood with some classic rockin’ holiday songs.

Time to trim the tree and have a libation…have fun and happy holidays.

Peace On Earth,
Jon Kanis


12.20.09 & 12.21.09 SCR Episode #144 with an encore presentation of “Solstice” on (11 PM PST)
12.27.09 & 12.28.09 SCR Episode #194 “Twenty Ten And Back Again” on (11 PM PST)
01.03.10 & 01.04.10 SCR Episode #45 The Third Revision Of “A Prayer For The New Year” on (11 PM PST)
01.09.10 SCR Episode #195 “Words & Music By David Bowie” at Hamilton’s Tavern 2nd Saturday from 5 to 8 PM []
01.10.10 & 01.11.10 SCR Episode #195 “Words & Music By David Bowie” on (11 PM PST)
01.17.10 & 01.18.10 SCR Episode #196 “Packed With Nouns: A Conversation With Charlie Cheney” on (11 PM PST)
01.24.10 & 01.25.10 SCR Episode #197 “Words & Music By Warren Zevon [01.24.47-09.07.03]” on (11 PM PST)
02.14.10 & 02.15.10 SCR Episode #200 “Who Do You Love…A Valentine From Me To You. [Four-Year Anniversary]” on (11 PM PST)

State Controlled Radio Episode #191
November 29-30, 2009
Words & Music by Randy Newman

State Controlled Radio Episode #192
December 6-7, 2009
Tom Petty Is Alive & Well • Part One

State Controlled Radio Episode #193
December 13-14, 2009
Tom Petty Is Alive & Well • Part Two [3 hour Hamilton’s Tavern 2nd Saturday]

State Controlled Radio Bootleg Edition #1
Hamilton’s Holiday On Ice
December 8, 2007