Spiral Stairs, Bob Mould, Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach, CA [10.21.09]

Spiral Stairs with Bob Mould [both groups featuring Jon Auer], Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach, CA [10.21.09]

1) True Love
2) Cold Change
3) Maltese T
4) Wharf-Hand Blues
5) Whale Bones
6) Sacred Secret
7) Stolen Pills
8) Kennel D
9) Mighty Fall
10) Failing Away
11) Crayons
12) YYZ

So, I was sitting at Hamilton’s Tavern with my friend Dirk and out of the blue he says did you know that Jon Auer is at the Belly Up tonight?  He’s a friend of yours isn’t he?  And I say yeah, how do you know that he is there and he tells me that someone on their blog posted the fact that Bob Mould’s bass player (who lives in San Francisco) has a wife that is pregnant and is due to deliver anyday and he’s gonna have to blow out the last three gigs that is doing with Seattle band Spiral Stairs.  It turns out that Jon Auer was touring with SS as their keyboard player and when he heard that Bob Mould needed a bass player for the next three gigs he stepped up and volunteered and learned 20 of Bob Mould’s songs in less than 48 hours.  He only needed a cheat sheet for the chord progressions on one song — otherwise he was absolutely flawless and jaw-droppingly awesome.  Oh, and Bob was great too.

But I really dug the Spiral Stairs.  I hope they make another record soon.  The LP they were touring behind [The Real Feel] was produced by Jon Auer and is great.