State Controlled Radio #184-185 [Three Is A Magic Number/Happy Birthday Laura Nyro]

Howdy friends:

Wow, it is amazing how fast a couple of weeks can fly by.

It is Sunday afternoon as I write this post and I want you to know that starting this evening that for the next four weeks (the entire time that the Sun is in the sign of Scorpio) I am doing an in-depth exploration into the first decade of Neil Young’s amazing career in honor of the Archives Volume I ten disc box set that came out this June.  There has never been a release like this before and it is stunning in just about every regard.  So tune in this evening at 11 PM at to check out part one entitled Lighting South Towards Buffalo & Springfield.  It is a truly great show.

And because I am focusing on Neil Young this month in honor of his birthday (on November 12th), not only am I doing four two hour programs honoring the first decade of Neil’s recording career I am also producing a THREE HOUR career overview program called Giving Thanks For Neil Young for the 2nd Saturday celebration at Hamilton’s Tavern on November 14th from 5 to 8 PM.  I believe Pizza Port is the featured beer and as per usual it should be a hoot so come on down and celebrate with the Hamilton’s community for the best beer, music and people in San Diego.

And speaking of Hamilton’s Tavern, last Saturday I had a blast volunteering in the craft beer tent at the Viejas Bar-B-Q event…what fun.

And I saw two great shows this past week:  the Spiral Stairs opened for Bob Mould on Wednesday at the Belly Up Tavern where I had the chance to see my long time friend Jon Auer perform double duty with guitar and keys in the Spiral Stairs and then he filled in to perform bass duties with Bob Mould.  Tremendous.  And he only had 18 hours to learn the bass parts for 90 minutes of music…

And then last night I FINALLY got the chance to see TILTWHEEL perform at the Ken Club before they go off to the east coast for a week of shows.  Tiltwheel was louder than Bob Mould.  And just as good.  Added surprise was opening band The Glossines who were great and I saw Kristin Warnken (from Dizzy/Feral Children) for the first time in nearly 15 years.  What a kick!  For those of you who know Dizzy, they will be featured in a upcoming State Controlled Radio program in the new year so stay tuned for that…good times all around.

All right, should you have missed the last two weeks of SCR on BZoO Homegrown Radio show lists & download links can be found below.  Episode #184 is entitled Three Is A Magic Number: For Connoisseurs Celebrating The 3rd Anniversary of Hamilton’s Tavern and episode #185 is entitled Happy Birthday Laura Nyro [10.18.47-04.08.97].  Download links expire 01.23.10.

I hope this missive finds you in good health and in good spirits and I thank you for reading, thank you for listening and I hope to see your smiling face soon.



10.25.09 & 10.26.09 SCR Episode #186 “Neil Young Archives #1/Lighting South Towards Buffalo & Springfield [1963-1968]” on (11 PM PDT)

11.01.09 & 11.02.09 SCR Episode #187 “Neil Young Archives #2/It’s A Solo Trip [1968-1971]” on (11 PM PDT)

11.08.09 & 11.09.09 SCR Episode #188 “Neil Young Archives #3/Requiem For The Rockets or Don’t Spook The Horse [1968-1971]” on (11 PM PDT)

11.14.09 Hamilton’s Tavern 2nd Saturday with the debut of Episode #190 “Giving Thanks For Neil Young [three hour special]”

11.15.09 & 11.16.09 SCR Episode #189 “Neil Young Archives #4/In The Middle Of The Road And Aiming For The Ditch [1971-1974]” on (11 PM PDT)

State Controlled Radio Episode #184
October 10-12, 2009
Three Is A Magic Number: For Connoisseurs Celebrating The 3rd Anniversary of Hamilton’s Tavern

State Controlled Radio Episode #185
October 18-19, 2009
Happy Birthday Laura Nyro [10.18.47-04.08.97]

Spiral Stairs, Bob Mould, Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach, CA [10.21.09]

Spiral Stairs with Bob Mould [both groups featuring Jon Auer], Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach, CA [10.21.09]

1) True Love
2) Cold Change
3) Maltese T
4) Wharf-Hand Blues
5) Whale Bones
6) Sacred Secret
7) Stolen Pills
8) Kennel D
9) Mighty Fall
10) Failing Away
11) Crayons
12) YYZ

So, I was sitting at Hamilton’s Tavern with my friend Dirk and out of the blue he says did you know that Jon Auer is at the Belly Up tonight?  He’s a friend of yours isn’t he?  And I say yeah, how do you know that he is there and he tells me that someone on their blog posted the fact that Bob Mould’s bass player (who lives in San Francisco) has a wife that is pregnant and is due to deliver anyday and he’s gonna have to blow out the last three gigs that is doing with Seattle band Spiral Stairs.  It turns out that Jon Auer was touring with SS as their keyboard player and when he heard that Bob Mould needed a bass player for the next three gigs he stepped up and volunteered and learned 20 of Bob Mould’s songs in less than 48 hours.  He only needed a cheat sheet for the chord progressions on one song — otherwise he was absolutely flawless and jaw-droppingly awesome.  Oh, and Bob was great too.

But I really dug the Spiral Stairs.  I hope they make another record soon.  The LP they were touring behind [The Real Feel] was produced by Jon Auer and is great.

State Controlled Radio #182-183 [Staying Till The End Of The Movie, Quadrophenia]


Hi there.  I’ve got one or two things to run by you this week.

This Saturday, October 10th is the three year anniversary of Hamilton’s Tavern and they have an array of special events planned from Friday through Sunday, including, of course, the 2nd Saturday celebration from 5 to 8 PM.  I am putting together a “best of” State Controlled Radio from the 25 or so previous 2nd Saturday programs.  It should be quite a party.  Come and join us.

Tonight — Tuesday, October 6th, Little Feat is performing at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach.  I was asked to come up with some sentiments for the Yo DJ column in the San Diego Reader and this is what ran this past Thursday if you didn’t see it:

And, should you have missed the last two weeks of SCR on BZoO Homegrown Radio show lists & download links can be found below.  Episode #182 is entitled Staying Till The End Of The Movie and episode #183 is all about The Who’s 1973 masterpiece Quadrophenia.  

Fall is in the air finally and I couldn’t be happier about it.  September was quite the slog.

Thanks for reading, thanks for listening and I hope to see you soon.


State Controlled Radio Episode #182
September 27-28, 2009
Staying Till The End Of The Movie

State Controlled Radio Episode #183
October 4-5, 2009