State Controlled Radio #179-181 [Roger Waters, Hank Williams, Shel Silverstein]

Hello my friends and happy Autumnal Equinox:

Summer is fading out of view in the rear view mirror and thankfully, some of the heat from the last few weeks seems to be cooling out just a bit.

The last three weeks have brought three new State Controlled Radio programs that I think you’ll enjoy very much: episode #179 on Roger Waters, #180 on Hank Williams Sr. and #181 on Shel Silverstein. I also posted fresh links to episode #22 [Syd Barrett] and #103 [David Gilmour] to give the Pink Floyd fans in the audience a more comprehensive range of material.

Between producing shows #180 and #181 I had the pleasure of traveling to Northern Virginia for five days last weekend and hanging out with some of my favorite people: namely the good folks that I know in and around the rock and roll outfit 4 Out Of 5 Doctors. I had the chance to sing, play, dance and party with Jeff, Cal and George [Tommy & Cat you were missed] and had a splendid time at the Virgo party. My thanks go out to Jeff & Sally for putting me up and inviting me out, and also to Cal & Wendy for doing the same. I had so much fun with you guys along with George & Marty, Ben & Christina, Jim, Gil & Chris, Gil & Lynn and even Steve O. Hope to see you again for next year’s shindig.

It is a crazy week of DJ activity with much work to be done and I am especially looking forward to singing and spinning this Friday for the Pfifer/Melero wedding in Temecula. I want to send out good wishes and lots of love to Nicole & Glenn for a lifetime of happiness together.

The content for this week’s SCR program is a mystery to me but tune in this Sunday at BZoO Homegrown Radio [] to hear Episode #182 at 11 PM PDT.

All right. There are five programs with fresh download links to each show listed below. Dig in while they’re still hot. Oh, and please be sure to check out the San Diego Reader a week from Thursday [10.01.09] where I am the featured DJ in Josh Board’s regular column. I submitted 500 words of “memories” regarding the band Little Feat, who are coming to the Belly Up Tavern on October 6th… I hope this finds you in good spirits and that your cup runneth over. See you soon everyone.

Peace. Out.

State Controlled Radio Episode #179
September 6-7, 2009
Words & Music by Roger Waters [born 09.06.43]

State Controlled Radio Episode #180
September 13-14, 2009
Words & Music by Hank Williams Sr. [09.17.23-01.01.53]

State Controlled Radio Episode #181
September 20-21, 2009
Words, Music & Stories by Shel Silverstein [09.25.30-05.08.99]