State Controlled Radio #177 & 178 [Action Painting At Its Finest, Phase One & Two]

Hi folks:

Happy Labor Day weekend to you all.  Hopefully you are getting some respite from the heat and from work.

Yesterday [September 6th] was Roger Water’s 66th birthday and I was more than happy to honor him with a State Controlled Radio program.  I think it turned out quite well if I say so meself.  It airs again tonight on BZoO Worldwide Radio at 11 PM PDT.

The previous two weeks have been filled with the dog days of summer which have made it very challenging to get much work done.  In spite of the heat and the humidity I managed to produce two programs entitled Action Painting At Its Finest, Phase One and Two.  If you missed them on BZoO you can catch them below.

Once again, I will NOT be at Hamilton’s Tavern this weekend for the traditional 2nd Saturday celebration.  AJ Larue is doing the music this time around and I hope that everyone at Hammie’s has a great time.

I will, of course, be in Arlington, Virginia from September 11th through the 15th to hang with my fellow virgins and Virginians at the Virgo party on 09.12.09 at Ben’s place.  Really looking forward to seeing everyone.  Happy birthday to Jeff, Sally, Wendy, Ben…and to Virgos everywhere.

I hope this finds you cool.  I gotta run, many tasks to complete before leaving town in three days.

And on with our next round…



09.06.09 & 09.07.09 SCR Episode #179 “Words & Music by Roger Waters [born 09.06.43]” on (11 PM PDT)
09.13.09 & 09.14.09 SCR Episode #180 “Words & Music by Hank Williams Sr. [09.17.23-01.01.53]” on (11 PM PDT)
09.20.09 & 09.21.09 SCR Episode #181 “Words & Music by Shel Silverstein [09.25.30-05.08.99]” on (11 PM PDT)

State Controlled Radio Episode #177
August 23-24, 2009
Action Painting At Its Finest Phase One

State Controlled Radio Episode #178
August 30-31, 2009
Action Painting At Its Finest Phase Two