Stan Ridgway at Acoustic Music San Diego

Stan Ridgway, Acoustic Music San Diego, San Diego, CA [07.18.09]

1) Goin’ Southbound
2) The Roadblock
3) The Big Heat
4) Don’t Box Me In
5) Big Dumb Town
6) King For A Day
7) Desert Of Dreams
8) Stranded
9) Lonely Town

10) Only A Hobo
11) Lenny Bruce
12) Camouflage
13) Mexican Radio
14) Afghan Forklift
15) I Wanna Be A Boss
16) Call Of The West
17) Ring Of Fire
18) A Mission In Life

19) White Rabbit
20) Garage Band ’69

This show was absolutely fantastic.  Stan was in great voice throughout the night, Rick King complements the songs on guitar with feeling and sensitivity and keyboardist  Pietra Wexstun added lovely texture and colors to the already distinctive sound that is Stan Ridgway’s music.  Check them out when you get the chance…and go to and support Stan’s music.