Robyn Hitchcock performs I Often Dream Of Trains

Robyn Hitchcock [along with Tim Keegan & Terry Edwards] perform
I Often Dream Of Trains at Largo @ Coronet Theatre, Los Angeles, CA [11.13.08]

1) Nocturne (Prelude)
2) Flavour Of Night
3) Cathedral
4) Sounds Great When You’re Dead
5) Uncorrected Personality Traits
6) I Used To Say I Love You
7) Winter Love
8) This Could Be The Day
9) Ye Sleeping Knights Of Jesus
10) Trams Of Old London
11) My Favorite Buildings
12) That’s Fantastic Mother Church
13) Heart Full Of Leaves
14) Autumn Is Your Last Chance
15) I Often Dream Of Trains

16) I’m Falling Now
17) Television
18) Mr. Tambourine Man
19) The Wind Cries Mary
20) Candy Man
21) While My Guitar Gently Weeps

for the encores Robyn, Tim & Terry were joined by David Rawlings, Gillian Welch, Jon Brion and Grant Lee Phillips.  What can I say…this show was wonderful.  Can’t wait to see the film of this tour [shot in NYC].  Airs on the Sundance Channel the week of 06.05.09.