The Assumptions, Listening To Rocks, Lestat’s [07.10.08]

The Assumptions, Listening To Rocks at Lestat’s Coffee House, San Diego, CA [07.10.08]

The Assumptions

1) Why Are You [sound check with Brad Smith on drums]
2) Devil’s Play
3) Hail Caesar!
4) Deep Dish Sonic Sage
5) Better Late Than Never
6) Once In A While
7) Why Are You
8) Velvet Warning

Listening To Rocks

1) Doorbell
2) Think It Over
3) Come Correct
4) Capitalist Plot
5) Below The Fold
6) So Glad
7) Kiss Me Again
8) Don’t Stand There
9) Heart-Shipped Cock
10) Where Is Joe Strummer When You Need Him?
11) I Didn’t Ask For This
12) And I Love Her
13) Quick!
14) Smashopolis 

The marque read Listening To The Rocks, The Assumption.  Nevertheless, it WAS a historic show for SO many reasons.  Nucci made it on time for the gig post sound check and then was only able to play on four songs before having to pick up Lady Dottie and go to a Diamonds gig. So that’s when Mike Keneally moved from electric guitar to drums and the whole set changed flavour right then and there.  We did three songs in this format and called it a night.  Then Listening To Rocks came on and did their thing for 56 minutes. Sweaty fun.  Thanks to Louie for the booking and great sound.  And, as always to Steve Laub for capturing the moment in all its’ warmth and glory.  Warts and all.

The Assumptions are Layne Sterling [guitar, vocal], Mike Keneally [guitar on 1, 3-5; drums on 6-8], Jon Kanis [bass], Sara Sterling [harmony vocals], Brian Cantrell [drums on 2-5]. 

Listening To Rocks 3rd gig…LTR is Jon Kanis [bass, vocals], Roger Morrison [guitar, keyboard, vocals], Dave Rizzuto  [guitar, vocals] and Brad Smith [drums].