Robyn Hitchcock & Nick Lowe

Robyn Hitchcock & Nick Lowe at The El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, CA [04.11.08]

1) Heaven
2) Balloon Man
3) Trilobye
4) Albatross
5) I Something You
6) Red Locust Frenzy
7) Ghost Ship
8) Olé! Tarantula
9) The Human Song

with Nick Lowe for the encores:

10) Hungry For Love
11) If I Fell
12) Peggy Sue

Listening To Rocks

Listening To Rocks at U-31, San Diego, CA [04.09.08]

1) I Didn’t Ask For This
2) Doorbell
3) Think It Over
4) Don’t Stand There
5) Capitalist Plot
6) Below The Fold
7) Where Is Joe Strummer When You Need Him?
8) Quick!
9) Jimmy Burke The Newsboy
10) Campfire
11) Slow Down

Listening To Rocks 2nd gig in association with Staring At The Sun Volume Six CD.  Four other bands performed.  LTR is Jon Kanis [bass, guitar, vocals], Roger Morrison [guitar, keyboard, vocals], Dave Rizzuto  [guitar, bass, vocals] and Brad Smith [drums].

Jon Anderson with the Paul Green School Of Rock

Jon Anderson with the Paul Green School Of Rock at Anthology, San Diego, CA [04.06.08]

1) Highway Star
2) Yours Is No Disgrace
3) Every Little Thing
4) Perpetual Change
5) Long Distance Runaround
6) The Fish
7) Mood For A Day
8) A Quick One (While He’s Away)
9) Frankenstein
10) Owner Of A Lonely Heart
11) South Side Of The Sky
12) I’ve Seen All Good People/Your Move
13) Travellin’ Riverside Blues
14) Clap
15) Roundabout
16) Starship Trooper