Ray Davies, The Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA [03.29.08]

Ray Davies at The Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA [03.29.08]

1st set

1) I’m Not Like Everybody Else
2) Where Have All The Good Times Gone
3) ‘Til The End Of The Day
4) After The Fall
5) A Well-Respected Man
6) Apeman
7) Next Door Neighbor
8) Celluloid Heroes
9) The Tourist
10) Working Man’s Cafe
11) 20th Century Man

2nd set

12) This Is Where I Belong
13) In A Moment
14) One More Time
15) Vietnam Cowboys
16) The Real World
17) They Ain’t Gonna Listen To Me
18) Sunny Afternoon
19) Come Dancing
20) Tired Of Waiting
21) Set Me Free
22) All Day And All Night
23) Low Budget
24) Lola

Bloody amazing.  Even from the rafters of the balcony this show was tremendous.  As good as the previous tour was, this band is even better and Ray is in fantastic form. Everest open the show with a solid set.