In The Attic, Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles, CA [11.07.06]

In The Attic presents Pete Townshend, Rachel Fuller, Mikey Culbert, Simon Townshend, E, Billy Corgan, Minnie Driver, Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles, CA [11.07.06]

1) Cigarettes And Housework/Rachel Fuller
2) Sunrise/Rachel Fuller with Pete Townshend
3) Plasticine/Mikey Cuthbert
4) You/Mikey Cuthbert with Rachel Fuller
5) Misery/Mikey Cuthbert with Rachel Fuller, Pete & Simon Townshend
6) Comeback/Simon Townshend
7) Scaffolding/Simon Townshend
8) Sex Change/Simon Townshend
9) Everything In My Pocket/Minnie Driver
10) Sorry Baby/Minnie Driver
11) Fast As You Can/Minnie Driver with Rachel & Pete
12) Greyhound Girl/Pete Townshend
13) Endless Wire/Pete Townshend
14) Blue, Red And Gray/Pete Townshend
15) Marty Robbins/Pete Townshend
16) Let’s See Action/Pete Townshend
17) In The Ether/Pete Townshend with Rachel Fuller
18) Jeanie’s Diary/E
19) Flyswatter /E
20) Its A Motherfucker/E with Pete Townshend
21) Birds/E with Pete Townshend & Rachel Fuller
22) Let My Love Open The Door/E with Pete Townshend
23) The Kids Are Alright/E with Pete Townshend
24) Unknown Title/Billy Corgan
25) Unknown Title/Billy Corgan
26) Unknown Title/Billy Corgan
27) Unknown Title/Billy Corgan
28) Something In The Air/Billy Corgan, Pete Townshend, Rachel Fuller
29) Jigsaw/Rachel Fuller with Pete Townshend
30) Blue/Rachel Fuller
31) I’m One/Pete, Rachel, Mikey, Simon, E, Billy, Minnie

Gee, what can you say about this show?  Only that I could have personally done without E, Billy Corgan & Minnie Driver…but that would be nit-picking…Mikey and Simon are regular In The Attic performers and sounded great.  Rachel has the voice of an angel and Pete Townshend is simply divine.  His performances on this evening were breathtaking.  What a treat and a privilege.  Endless Wire and Let’s See Action are my favorite numbers.  Rachel dedicated Joni Mitchell’s Blue to Linda McCartney.