Todd Snider & The Nervous Wrecks

Todd Snider & The Nervous Wrecks, Gibson Guitar Lounge, Memphis, TN [01.20.04]

1) Crooked Piece Of Time
2) Moondawg’s Tavern
3) Can’t Complain
4) Trouble
5) What’s Wrong With You
6) Hey Hey
7) Enough
8) 45 Miles
9) Good News Blues
10) Long Year
11) Easy Money/It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll
12) Alright Guy
13) Late Last Night
14) Guaranteed
15) Hound Dog
16) Sideshow Blues

17) Great Balls Of Fire
18) Doublewide Blues
19) School Days

20) Vinyl Records

This was the very first time I saw Todd Snider perform live.  I was in Memphis for The Blues Foundation’s award ceremony.  David Peck and I were honored with an Achievement In Film award from the Foundation for producing the American Folk Blues Festival DVDs & CDs.  I have Stacie Huckeba to thank for insisting that we come to this show.  In the Wrecks that night I also saw (for the first time) Will Kimbrough (on lead guitar) and Tommy Womack (on bass).  This was a cathartic moment in my life.  It appeared to be that way for Todd as well.  There were hundreds of flowers on stage.  What an outpouring of feeling that night.  And I had to be up early for the awards ceremony the next morning so it was a good thing that I didn’t go out partying with Chris Scott or I might not have been able to keep my head up to accept my statue…