Neil Innes, Lava Lounge, Hollywood, CA [03.22.03]

Neil Innes with Rutling Ken Thornton at the Lava Lounge, Hollywood, CA [03.22.03]

1st set

1) My Little Ukulele
2) Eye Candy
3) One Of Those People
4) Hero Of The Motorway
5) Never Alone
6) Eine Kleine Middle Klasse Musik
7) Joe Public
8) Face Mail In The Meat Zone
9) Friends At The End
10) I Love You

2nd set

11) I Must Be In Love
12) Ouch!
13) Hold My Hand
14) Between Us
15) I Give Myself To You
16) Evening Sun
17) Brave Sir Robin

18) Philosopher’s Song [with Eric Idle — performed twice]
19) Let’s Be Natural/Shangri-La
20) Back In ’64

So, the 1650 Club was on Thursday, LS and I saw Joe Jackson on Friday and then on Saturday we found ourselves at the Lava Lounge, a little dive bar that sits 60 maximum in the middle of a Hollywood pod mall.  This show is also being filmed for the documentary on Neil and it’s completely different than the show that happened two nights previous.  The song selections are totally different and this Neil is performing acoustic with just Ken Thornton accompanying him.  Most of the songs are new to me and eventually wind up on Neil’s CD Works In Progress.  This is what Megalopolis used to feel like.  Eric Idle has been hanging out all night and he gets up and sings Philosopher’s Song with Neil, not once, but twice for posterity.  What fun.  After both sets are over LS and I speak at length with Neil at the bar who is drinking Heineken with us and being very approachable and open.  What a generous man Neil is and one of the most talented men ever had the privilege of meeting.  Grace.  No wonder he worked with the Pythons, he’s easily their artistic equal.