The Joe Jackson Band, El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, CA [03.21.03]

The Joe Jackson Band with Mary Lee’s Corvette at El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, CA [03.21.03]

1) One More Time
2) Take It Like A Man
3) Awkward Age
4) Look Sharp!
5) Stranger Than You
6) Still Alive
7) Fools In Love/For Your Love
8) On The Radio
9) Love At First Light
10) Hometown
11) Girl
12) Real Men
13) Dirty Martini
14) Beat Crazy
15) Little Bit Stupid
16) Sunday Papers
17) Got The Time

18) It’s Different For Girls
19) I’m The Man

Mary Lee’s Corvette opened the show and I wasn’t sad when they left the stage. Didn’t think I’d ever see this lineup on a stage again post-1980.  I guess if you live long enough eventually you see everything. The original Joe Jackson Band…wow, they sound amazing [for the record that’s Joe on piano, harmonica & vocals, Graham Maby on bass & vocals, Gary Sanford on electric guitar and Dave Houghton on drums).  What a nice surprise between the two Neil Innes shows.  Music heaven this weekend.  The show is sold out but we score a pair of tix as soon as we approach the venue.  We are meant to be inside.