Neil Innes & Friends

Neil Innes & Friends at the Sixteen-Fifty Club, Hollywood, CA [03.20.03]

1st set

1) Protest Song
2) The Intro And The Outro
3) Slaves Of Freedom
4) Libido
5) I’m The Urban Spaceman
6) Humanoid Boogie
7) I Want To Be With You
8) Rock Of Ages
9) Love Is Getting Deeper
10) Godfrey Daniel
11) Elvis And The Disagreeable Backing Singers

2nd set

12) Testing
13) Bandwagon
14) I Give Myself To You
15) How Sweet To Be An Idiot
16) Rutles Medley
17) I Must Be In Love
18) Between Us
19) Lonely Phobia
20) Feel No Shame
21) Let’s Be Natural/Shangri La

22) Back In ’64
23) Hold My Hand
24) Hey Mister

Neil was joined by his friends John Altman, Joel Druckman, Rutling Ken Thornton & Greg Stevens. Laurie Stevens & Bonnie Wells [who created and manage Neil’s website at] sing backup the entire night and Laurie tells me later that Neil let her and Bonnie hand pick the entire set for this evening.  It is a fan’s dream come true.  What a job they’ve done.  And it is all being filmed for a future documentary on Neil to be screened in 2008 with the title:  The 7th Python.  The camera is over in the corner of the lobby and Brett Hudson is asking people to offer up stories about Neil.  I think this was the last time I saw Bruce Gary before the dear soul perished…