Aerosmith at the Coors Amplitheatre, Chula Vista, CA [11.05.02]

1) Toys In The Attic
2) Back In The Saddle
3) Same Old Song And Dance
4) Living On The Edge
5) Sweet Emotion
6) What It Takes
7) Train Kept A Rollin’

8) Let The Music Do The Talking
9) Dream On
10) Love In An Elevator

11) I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing
12) Lost Woman/Movin’ On
13) Walkin’ The Dog
14) Jaded
15) Pink
16) Stop Messin’ Around
17) Cryin’
18) Dude (Looks Like A Lady)

19) Draw The Line
20) Mother Popcorn/Walk This Way

This is a fairly frustrating evening…the audience is filled with a bunch of spuds who came to see Kid Rock, [who puts out a completely vile vibe and the audience eats it up, Jesus]. Hmmm…after several magical moments with Aerosmith in 2001 the honeymoon is over. And just like the previous time when they played the Coors Amplitheatre, the band goes through the audience to play on the little stage up in the lawn area.  And just like the time before the time that it takes for them to get to the other stage, set up and play and then go back to the main stage completely kills the momentum of the show.  This is a bad idea.  I will say though that the version of Movin’ On that they played floored me.  Thank you.