Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers at the Open Air Theatre San Diego State University, San Diego, CA [10.29.02]

1) The Last DJ
2) Love Is A Long Road
3) Have Love Will Travel
4) Dreamville
5) Joe
6) When A Kid Goes Bad
7) Shadow Of A Doubt (Complex Kid)
8) I Won’t Back Down
9) You Don’t Know How It Feels
10) Feel A Whole Lot Better
11) Like A Diamond
12) A Woman In Love (But It’s Not Me)
13) The Waiting
14) King’s Highway
15) Yer So Bad
16) Lost Children
17) Running Down A Dream
18) Can’t Stop The Sun

19) Psychotic Reaction
20) Mary Jane’s Last Dance

As with the previous TP show in San Diego Jackson Browne opened the program but I didn’t see any of his set cuz we were backstage watching videos with Tom, Mike, Benmont & Ron…I’m glad I have a picture cuz your memories get fuzzy after awhile…did this REALLY happen?  The show is fantastic btw with the songs from The Last DJ sounding great.  Thank you Tom.  More fun than human beings are usually allowed to have.