Elvis Costello & The Imposters

Elvis Costello & The Imposters at Copley Symphony Hall, San Diego, CA [05.29.02]

1) 45
2) Waiting For The End Of The World
3) Watching The Detectives
4) Spooky Girlfriend
5) (I Don’t Want To Go To) Chelsea
6) 15 Petals
7) Clown Strike
8) When I Was Cruel
9) Tokyo Storm Warning
10) Tart
11) All The Rage
12) This Year’s Girl
13) Beyond Belief
14) Dust
15) I Hope You’re Happy Now
16) Tear Off Your Own Head (Doll Revolution)

17) Alibi
18) You Belong To Me
19) Pump It Up

20) Another Episode Of Blonde
21) Lipstick Vogue
22) I Want You

Wow, what a tremendous show with so many classic songs as Elvis is out promoting the When I Was Cruel LP…I got to share the evening with Larry & Patty Grano in a classic evening of David Peck inspired B.S…in classic DP mode he pays for four tickets and is supposed to go out to dinner with Larry, Patty and myself but at the last minute Mark DeCerbo wants to go to the show and DP inquires at the box office if there are any tickets left and they inform him that a pair in the front row center have just been released. So DP buys the pair and is delighted with his stroke of luck and leaves the three of us behind in the middle of Symphony Hall with Larry fuming over being dumped for “something better.” DP thinks Larry is being an ingrate.  A typical scenario for this place and time.  I decide to keep my mouth shut for the time being and enjoy the show.  Aside from this petty B.S. [like I said] the music was pretty fucking great.  Too bad Bruce Thomas isn’t in the band anymore…