Jeff Beck

Jeff Beck at the Open Air Theatre, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA [04.16.99]

1) What Mama Said
2) Psycho Sam
3) Brush With The Blues
4) Star Cycle
5) Savoy
6) Blast From The East
7) A Day In The Life
8) Another Place
9) THX138
10) The Pump
11) Led Boots
12) Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers
13) Space For The Papa
14) Angel (Footsteps)
15) Even Odds
16) You Never Know
17) Blue Wind
18) Where Were You
19) Big Block

This was the first time I saw Jeff Beck and seeing the show from the 4th row dead center was unbelievable.  The rhythm section was tight and efficient but Jennifer Batten on second guitar was an amazing foil for Beck as she matched him lick for lick throughout the night. As the show wound down with Beck’s signature solo piece Where Were You, he took his silver metal slide off his hand and tossed it into the audience where it immediately struck my hand, rolled to the floor and went right into my pocket.  Like fire being handed down from the gods…a concert like this is why I believe Mr. Jeff Beck to be the World’s Greatest Living Guitarist.  He’s my favorite anyway…