The Pretenders, The Alarm, Golden Hall, San Diego, CA [03.01.84]

The Pretenders with The Alarm at Golden Hall, San Diego, CA [03.01.84)

The first time I caught Chrissie Hynde and company.  Saw this show with Kathleen Keilch after going down to Licorice Pizza in Pacific Beach to meet The Alarm at a promotional in-store…I ought to post the photos…

Chrissie was awe-inspiring and I don’t think I ever saw another show at Golden Hall before they closed the venue.

1) The Wait
2) The Adultress
3) Time The Avenger
4) I Hurt You
5) Message Of Love
6) I Go To Sleep
7) Birds Of Paradise
8) Thin Line Between Love And Hatete
9) Kid
10) Up The Neck
11) Talk Of The Town
12) Waste Not Want Not
13) Mystery Achievement
14) Precious
15) Middle Of The Road
16) Stop Your Sobbing
17) Show Me
18) Brass In Pocket (I’m Special)
19) Back On The Chain Gang
20) Tumbelina
21) Pack It Up