The Joe Perry Project, The Wax Museum, Washington, DC [05.14.82]

The Joe Perry Project at The Wax Museum, Washington, DC [05.14.82]

1) Toys In The Attic
2) Life At A Glance
3) Discount Dogs
4) No Substitute For Arrogance
5) Trouble Shooter
6) Back In The Saddle
7) Heartbreak Hotel
8) Listen To The Rock
9) Black Velvet Pants
10) Going Down
11) Buzz Buzz
12) Rockin’ Train [with drum solo]
13) East Coast, West Coast
14) I’ve Got The Rock ‘N’ Rolls Again
15) Let The Music Do The Talking

16) Same Old Song And Dance

I didn’t think I’d ever see Aerosmith again at the time, so this seemed pretty f*cking amazing to see Joe Perry from the lip of the stage where the one time I had seen him before there was over a football field between us.  He seemed to be pretty out of it on one stimulant or another, but that didn’t stop him from playing his ass off throughout the entire evening.  I missed Steven Tyler but this band totally rocked. Thanks to Ken Bowen for loaning me his ID [I was 3 months shy of my 18th birthday and the District of Columbia was 18 and up for drinking establishments; I didn’t come to drink, I came to hear the music].