REO Speedwagon, San Diego, CA [07.31.81]

REO Speedwagon at the San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, CA [07.31.81]

The one and only time that I witnessed REO Speedwagon live in concert.  During their Hi Infidelity tour, at the absolute peak of their commercial powers (i.e. it was all downhill from here as far as their music was concerned).  Caught them during my summer vacation in San Diego away from my native Northern Virginia.  No siblings, just several weeks in Mira Mesa.  This show was one of several that broke up the routine of summer days and summer nights before I headed east to begin my final year at Gar-Field Sr. High School.

1) Don’t Let Him Go
2) Like You Do
3) Keep Pushin’
4) Only The Strong Survive
5) Tough Guys
6) Time For Me To Fly
7) Take It On The Run
8) Keep On Lovin’ You
9) Roll With The Changes
10) Flying Turkey Trot
11) Gary’s Guitar Solo
12) Say You Love Me Or Say Goodnight
13) Back On The Road Again
14) Ridin’ The Storm Out
15) 157 Riverside Avenue
16) Golden Country
17) Shakin’ It Loose Tonight