dj spin wizard, WLUR-FM University of Virginia, Richmond, VA [11.08.80]

dj spin wizard [Jon Kanis] at WLUR-FM University of Virginia, Richmond, VA [11.08.80]

1) Louisiana Lou & Three Card Monty John/The Allman Brothers
2) Rocky Mountain Jam/Stephen Stills
3) Hey Jude/Duane Allman
4) Skateboard/Jefferson Starship
5) Love The One You’re With/Stephen Stills
6) Immigration Man/David Crosby & Graham Nash
7) Almost Cut My Hair/Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
8) There’s No Way Out Of Here/David Gilmour
9) Cry From The Street/David Gilmour
10) Shine On You Crazy Diamond/Pink Floyd
11) Five To One/The Doors
12) Paperback Writer/The Beatles
13) I Am The Walrus/The Beatles
14) I Dig A Pony/The Beatles
15) Whole Lotta Rosie/AC/DC
16) Rock And Roll/Led Zeppelin
17) Chasin’ Ladies/Dust
18) Waiting For The Bus/ZZ Top
19) Jesus Just Left Chicago/ZZ Top
20) Turn It Up/Ted Nugent
21) Cities On Flame/Blue Öyster Cult
22) Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace/Cheap Trick
23) He’s A Whore/Cheap Trick
24) Turn Up The Radio/The Rockets
25) Down Payment Blues/AC/DC
26) Goin’ Easy/Dust
27) Change Partners/Stephen Stills

All right, it was a Saturday afternoon in Richmond, VA and I was a few months past my 16th birthday and I was spending a long weekend at the University of Virginia on a field trip for my high school’s newspaper [the hyphen for Gar-Field Sr. High School in Woodbridge, VA].  I was supposed to be at a seminar (I forget which one) but somehow I stumbled across the campus radio station WLUR-FM.  I didn’t get the name of the guy who was on the air at the time but from 12:50 to 2:45 PM he basically let me take over his entire shift.  In retrospect I can tell that a few of these selections were his but he pretty much let me choose most of the music and insisted that I go on the air and back announce the songs. My first time on the radio.  I couldn’t have had more fun at the time.  I would have stayed all night but I had another seminar to attend.  I couldn’t blow off class ALL day now could I?  My undying thanks to the mystery dj, whoever you are…