Blitzkrieg, Fury, Dale City, VA [08.09.80]

Blitzkrieg, Fury perform at private party [Brian Claffey hosted], Dale City, VA [08.09.80]

1) He’s A Woman, She’s A Man [Scorpions]
2) Free For All [Ted Nugent]
3) We’re An American Band [Grand Funk Railroad]
4) Shot Down In Flames [AC/DC]
5) Falling In Love [Scorpions]
6) Back In The USSR  [The Beatles]
7) Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love [Van Halen]
8) Wasted [Def Leppard]
9) The Green Manalishi [Fleetwood Mac/Judas Priest]
10) Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be [AC/DC]
11) Top Of The Bill [Scorpions]

All right, our second gig as a band and we get to play a full 40 minute set opening for my friend Brian Claffey’s band Fury.  Brian was two years older than me and I totally admired how he had poured his entire existance into his band, his record collection, his cats, his dad and coaching a girl’s soccer team [not necessarily in that order, but possibly].  Brian was the senior music writer (the only music writer?) on the Gar-Field High School newspaper Smoke Signals (soon to be re-named the hyphen) and we became friends during 1980 cuz I was interested in picking up on the newspaper staff after he graduated that year.  I think Brian wanted me to follow in his footsteps on the newspaper and to large extent I did. His mother had died sometime earlier leaving Brian with a dad that gave him full run of the house and while I never saw Brian smoke or drink he was definitely an addict.  A vinyl addict.  He had a collection of records larger than my own, which at that time numbered around two hundred LPs.  And, in additon to his LP collection he also had a practice room for his band with a drum kit, guitar and bass amps and a PA…a teenager’s wet dream.  He didn’t have siblings or a mom but he had a lot of space that I probably envied at the time.  And he had really cool toys.

Fury was a big thing in Dale City at the time and even had a feature article written up about them in the Potomac News. I’ll have to scan and post it.  I thought they were going places. What did I know?  No one is gonna make it in Dale City that’s for sure.

This was typical keg party with teenagers and rock and roll bands.  I remember playing loud and fast. And having fun.

Blitzkrieg is Jon Kanis [vocals], David Kastl [electric guitar], James Atkinson [electric guitar], Jim McNabb [Fender bass], Bob Kastl [drums]